2010 Update History

Note that none of the links below work in version 7.


Additions to timeline:

  • Track list of South African 3CD compilation updated and added a cover art page. See year 2010.
  • Certain download sites offer an alternative cover art for Clan Destiny. See year 2006.
  • On early UK printings of There's the Rub, there were some engravings on both sides of the vinyl. I've added photos where the engravings can be seen to the album's cover art section. See year 1974.

Additions to Bootlegs and Pirate Copies section:

  • Added two pirate copies: Live Dates Volume 2 and Live in Tokyo.
    Both look and sound like official releases, but for Universal to license these releases for the first time on CD to an "Austrian" company is more than unlikely.
    See Pirate Copies.
  • Yet another "Liverpool Bootleg" available as download. The "album" is simply entitled "Wishbone Ash". More info among Bootlegs, "Liverpool Bootlegs" section. This info courtesy of "spider".
  • There's at least two versions of "Ted's Last Gig". Mike Weal sent me info of the first one back in November 2009. Almost forgot to add it. Well, now they both are included in Bootlegs, "1971 to 1976" section.



Additions to timeline:

  • Cover art and other minor tweaks added to Sometime World - An MCA Travelogue, the recent 2CD compilation. See year 2010.
  • Preliminary info of South African 3CD compilation added to year 2010.
  • Sadly, I had to include a warning on the printing lists of all MCA era albums (except Live Dates volume 2).
    This because the most recent Japanese SHMCD's suffer from "loudness wars", i.e. the music on the CD is compressed to an extreme and in this case some serious clipping appears. Check the printing list of any MCA era album (except Live Dates volume 2).
    What has happened was beyond control of current and former band members. It's the people that made the remastering that are the "guilty part".

Added a picture of a promo CD-R of Reason to Believe, the "download only" single. See Singles section.



Additions to timeline:

  • A bunch of Japanese SHMCD (Super High Material CD) releases added to year 2010, i.e. all 1970-1980 MCA releases, except a hopefully forthcoming Live Dates Volume 2, which will supposedly be released in June 2010.
  • A 2CD compilation called Sometime World - An MCA Travelogue added to year 2010.
  • Loads of Japanese SHMCD releases added to year 2009 too.
  • Philippe Gweganton sent me a picture of Japanese mini LP CD cover art of There's the Rub. See year 1974.

Addition to Ted Turner's Sideline:

Addition to Singles:

  • The new download only single Reason to Believe.

Additions to Bootlegs and Pirate copies:

  • Philippe Gweganton's cover art variation of Live at Geneva Pirate Copy.
  • Info of yet another "Liverpool Bootleg" called Wishbone Ash - New England Tour 1976, courtesy of Peter Cutler.



Big gap between updates, sorry! I'm doing this on my spare time and there's a lot going on behind the curtains that took my time in February/March, but is still not ready to be published. However, here's something that is public now:

Then there's a forthcoming compilation Sometime World - An MCA Travelogue and (hopefully) a Japanese release of Live Dates 2. All this in the next update (unless something unexpected appear)...



Not that many updates this time, but one of them's pretty big...

  • Bob Beresford sent me scans of promo booklets.
    One of New England and another of No Smoke Without Fire.
  • Bob Beresford is also the reason why I've added pictures of posters and lyric sheet photos to Wishbone Four 's Cover Art page.
    Also the 8 page booklet that was included in a US LP printing of Live Dates.
  • And then the big one:
    A beta version of this web site's version 7 is available here. I'll gladly receive comments of it.



Happy New Year and a Dew Decade!

Trying to go through old "to do" list. Here's what I managed come up with.

  • A serious omission:
    I've forgotten to add a 2005 US release of Illuminations, by Friday Music. Now it's included here too.
  • Back in 2005, I visited a second hand record shop in Helsinki. Plowed through their box of recently arrived stuff and a found two pristine Wishbone Ash LPs: Nouveau Calls and Here to Hear. Guess they must have been left there by a person working for a Finnish record company since both albums had some additional promo material inside their sleeves:
    • Nouveau Calls had a printed four page booklet presenting the four first No Speak releases. Printed on it's back page: "I.R.S. NO SPEAK Insert". I've added an detail from the booklet to Nouveau Calls' Cover Art page.
      See here.
    • Here to Hear had two faxes promoting Wishbone Ash and the album. The one dated July 5th 1989 had a Wishbone Ash biography that I've included to Here to Hear's Cover Art page.
      See here.
  • Added a detail picture of Nouveau Calls US promo LP.
    See here.
  • Some copies of the German compilation called The Original Wishbone Ash were partly gilded. I've added a snapshot of the gilded part (a detail) to the album's Cover Art section.
    See here .
  • There's a lot of suspicious Russian printings circling around. Sold at ebay etc. I've added a section called Suspicious Russian Releases to section
    [Bootlegs and Pirates]

Still some stuff on the "to do" list, but guess they have to wait a while...


















Written by: Rainer Frilund