2009 Update History

The links on this update history page are mostly outdated. No use clicking on them.
That's what happens when you do too many revisions of your web page.


Additions to timeline:

  • All releases of the 40th Anniversary DVD - Live in London now included:
    DVD, 2CD, LP and box with 2CD and DVD (minus the road movie).
    See year 2009.
  • One more pic of the new compilation (of a compilation of a...) entitled Melodic Sounds added to year 2009.
  • A promo CD of Clan Destiny added to year 2006.
  • André de Vos sent me pictures of the 1973 double LP containing both the first album and Pilgrimage.
    See year 1973.

Found another curious single (cat# TKR-326) with no Wishbone Ash tracks on it, but Andy Powell on picture sleeve. See Curiosities in Singles section.



Additions and corrections to timeline:

  • The 40th Anniversary DVD - Live in London added to year 2009.
    More releases are added (2CD, 2CD+DVD box and LP) as soon as I've gotten hold of them (already ordered but not received).
  • A new compilation (of a compilation of a...) entitled Melodic Sounds added to year 2009.
  • A US printing of Clan Destiny added. See year 2006.
  • Patrick Fuchs pointed out that I had the wrong recording date for Insomnia on Tracks 2CD.
    See year 2002.
  • Catalogue number of 1983 Classic Ash LP printing (by Fame) corrected. See year 1983.
  • A (possible) Swedish LP printing of Front Page News added. See year 1977.
  • Publishing year for a German LP printing of New England corrected. See year 1976.



Bob Beresford sent me a bunch of pictures and some other info. All listed below.

  • Pictures etc. in Singles section:
    • Demonstration sample of UK single No Easy Road / Blowin' Free.
    • UK single In the Skin / Tangible Evidence.
    • Back side picture of UK single Helpless (live) / Blowin' Free (live), 7" single.
    • Back side picture of UK single Get Ready / Kicks on the Street.
    • Back side picture of UK single Engine Overheat / Genevieve.
    • Back side picture of Dutch single Blind Eye / Vas Dis / Sometime World.
    • Back side picture of Spanish single Hometown / Persephone
      and correction of said single's publishing date.
    • Back side picture of 3 track Thai single Everybody Needs a Friend / Ballad of the Beacon [/ Carry On (CSN&Y)].
  • Pictures etc. added to timeline:
    • Cover art and printing info of UK PAL Beta Video The Marquee 25th Anniversary Presents Wishbone Ash.
      See year 1983.
    • French release of the 25th Anniversary of the Marquee DVD.
      See year 2001.
    • Printing info of Canadian issue of The Best of Wishbone Ash.
      See year 1998.
    • Label pics of UK Trance Visionary Promo 12" album - Heritage.
      See year 1998.
    • Cover art and printing/producing info of UK 2LP Night of the Guitars.
      See year 1988.
    • Cover art and printing info of Various Artists 2LP The History of Rock, Volume 27, which includes four Wishbone Ash tracks.
      See year 1984.
    • Pics of labels of BBC Transcription Disc #260 (1981).
      See e.g. year 1981.

Thanks a lot Bob!

Max Jackson pointed out that I had a typo in the track length of one Live in Geneva track, especially "Keeper of the Light". This is now corrected.
Max also inspired me to find out why there are some track length differences between Live in Geneva CD and its download-only pirate version Keeper of the Light now also available in Spotify. Now it's solved. See
[Bootlegs and Pirates]

Other additions

  • Added back side picture of UK single Helpless (live) / Blowin' Free (live), 12" single. Also, 12" single's Cat# is actually a bit strange: On sleeve it is MCAT 577 and on labels it is: MACT 577. This is also updated in the UK single list. See Singles.
  • "The Ash Live in Chicago", a pirate copy of the legal release with the same name added to the list of Live in Chicago pirate copies. See
    [Bootlegs and Pirates].
  • A link to Ben Granfelt's site has been long overdue. Now it's there among About/Other Wishbone Ash related sites. Sorry Ben!



Additions to timeline:

  • Added a white label test printing of Argus. See year 1972.
  • Added a printing of Argus made in Greece. See year 1972.
  • Corrected printing info of Milestones, a Dutch 2LP from year 1974 containing both Pilgrimage and Argus.
  • Added a US promo copy of Number the Brave with an alternate track running order. See year 1981.

"The Hour of Eternity", Milton Keynes 2008 added to the list of bootleg CDs. See
[Bootlegs and Pirates].



A big gap between updates...
Sometimes life's realities take over and there's no time for fun. Well, now I'm back.

Additions to timeline:

  • Roland Koller found a rare German LP printing of Live Dates. Its inside fold out is as on American and Japan printings, not as European printings usually have. Very rare, I believe! See year 1973.
  • Added a Canadian LP printing of Wishbone Four. See year 1973.

Additions to Sidelines section:

  • Full info of Gringos Locos' new album added to Muddy's sideline story. Includes a review, that was also posted to Wishbone Ash forums, in the Not Necessarily Wishbone Ash section.
  • A review of Ben Granfelt Band's recent album Kaleidoskope was previously posted to Wishbone Ash forums, in the Former Members section. Now I've added it here too.
  • Added Andy's recent "guest star" visit to three Pat McManus Band gigs to Andy's sideline story.
  • Remembered to also add Andy's cameo on The Bullet Monks' song "Under The Black Sun" to Andy's sideline story.



QUICK UPDATE - 26-May-2009:
Brief info of Gringos Locos' new album.
See Muddy's sideline.



Japan is active when it comes to new Wishbone Ash releases.
Here's the recent additions:

  • A 2008 printing of First Light.
  • An Argus "Then Again" Live - Special Edition (SHMCD) also released in 2009.
    The Special Edition includes an additional CD with tracks from Live on XM CD from year 2005.
    Printing information courtesy of Tsutomu Kubota.
  • A SHMCD version of Argus is going to be released in June this year. This one's already added here. See year 2009.

Simon Atkinson informed me of yet another Andy Powell sideline:
Andy was deputizing Jeff Beck back in 1975.
See Andy's sidelines story.

Added yet another pirate DVD of 1976 Rockpalast gig. See
[Bootlegs and Pirates].

Same "visual search utility" added to Bootleg and Pirates section as was recently added to the main part of this site. Now the version number changed from 6.4 to 6.5. See
[Bootlegs and Pirates].



  • Gringos Locos, Ben Granfelt's and Muddy Manninen's former band has reappeared!
    A download-only single called Bear With Me has already been released and an album will be released in May 2009. It's called Second Coming of Age.
    Both are available at: http://www.equaldreams.com/gringoslocos.
    More info in Muddy's Sideline story.
  • At some point Universal planned to release an expanded edition of Live Dates and some web shops presented detailed information of the forthcoming album.
    Although the release seems to have been put on hold, I've added the info on Live Dates' track list page. See year 1973.
  • A link to Laurie Wisefield's website added to About/Other Wishbone Ash related sites.
  • Track list of 1997 compilation album "Best of Wishbone Ash" corrected. 2nd track "Phoenix" was missing. Sorry for the typo!
  • Added a download-only bootleg album called "Rock Masters - Helpless" among the "Liverpool bootlegs".
  • Added also a download-only pirate copy called "Keeper of the Light" among the list of "Live in Geneva" pirate copies. This one has the same publisher as the above mentioned "Rock Masters - Helpless" "Liverpool bootleg".



The tree structures of the following sections have been replaced with a list:
Singles, Books, Sidelines and About.

The tree structures were a bit problematic because the code behind them was somewhat outdated.
Anyway, bye bye and thanks to Bjorge Dijkstra for creating the original PHP tree code back in 1999.

Because of the change on the above mentioned sections, the web site's
version number has been upgraded from 6.3 to 6.4.

Vemund Grimstad's contribution:

  • Two more Russian flexi discs: Phoenix and Firesign.
    See Singles section.

Additions to Sidelines section:

  • Ben Granfelt's new CD Kaleidoscope added to Ben's sideline story.
  • Claire Hamill's CD The Lost and the Lovers added to Claire's sideline story.
    That one was long overdue.




Time for Change

Moved from Saunalahti to a domain of my own: http://www.fubb.fi/ .
Had thought of it for a long while, so when
business deals would have changed my web
site address by force, I took the matter
in my own hands.


Actual updates...

I've added a "visual search" utility to the Search page. Thus a version upgrade from 6.2 to 6.3.

Roger Filgate's solo album's official release added to Roger's sideline story.

Tsutomu Kubota's contribution:

  • A Japanese SHM-CD release of Argus "Then Again" Live
    is the first Wishbone Ash release for year 2009. See year 2009.

Mike Weal's contribution:

  • Mike sent info of a German compilation called Classic Rock Masters - Wishbone Ash.
    It's actually a renamed and redone "Classic Ash", a compilation that's been available since 1977.
    This renamed release is from year 2005.









Written by: Rainer Frilund