2008 Update History

The links on this update history page are mostly outdated. No use clicking on them.
That's what happens when you do too many revisions of your web page.


Additions to timeline:

  • Added Talking Elephant printing of Argus "Then Again" Live
    and its somewhat different cover art to year 2008.
  • Details of US Printing of The Power of Eternity refined.
    The somewhat different back cover is added to the cover art page.
    See year 2008.
  • A new double DVD entitled Now+Then, iPod Ready DVD added to year 2008.
    It contains rehashed stuff, but there are some good things in it:
    1. Full London 2003 gig, including "Phoenix", which was left out on the Almighty Blues DVD.
    2. Quote from the 2nd DVD: "Classic performances by the original Wishbone Ash line-up".
      That's been said before on earlier DVD releases, although there's been a few latter day tracks on them. This time it's true, but the stuff has already been published on various DVDs.
  • Added a CD release of the 1989 Bristol gig "Wishbone Ash: Rock Legends" to year 2003. This gig has been several times both as DVDs and CDs during the years. Only the format and name changes.
  • Added a Various Artists DVD entitled "Progressive Rock - The Ultimate Collection" to year 2003.
  • Added also a Various Artists DVD entitled "25th Anniversary of the Marquee" to year 2007.
  • Also: Some minor updates to the bootleg section.

More Russian flexi singles from Vemund Grimstad:

  • Doctor and
  • Sometime World



As always, a visit to AshCon results in quite a few updates.
Additions to timeline:

  • Wishbone Ash's Argus "Then Again" Live and
    Martin Turner's Wishbone Ash's Argus Through the Looking Glass
    added to year 2008.
  • German Argus single sleeve LP printing information updated/corrected (Cat# 250 473-1).
    Added also back cover detail picture of the same single sleeve LP among Argus' cover art.
    See, e.g. year 1972.
  • UK Front Page News single sleeve LP printing information updated/corrected (Cat# MCL 1655). Added also back cover detail picture of the same single sleeve LP among Front Page News' cover art.
    See, e.g. year 1977.
  • Added two Just Testing LP printings:
    • Promo copy of UK LP, Cat# MCF 3052.
    • Different US LP: "MCA 3221" on spine and labels but later addition "MCA-770" with cold letters on cover.
    See, e.g. year 1980.

Other additions:

  • Terry Tonik's single Just a Little Mod C/W Smashed and Blocked added to Andy Powell's sideline story. Andy was the producer of the single. See Sidelines section.
  • A pre-release of Roger Filgate's forthcoming solo CD was available at AshCon. I've included info of the tracks and a picture of the CD in Roger's sideline story. At the same time, I updated Roger's sideline story. See Sidelines section.
  • Also some minor Sideline updates to Ted's Martin's and Lauries Sideline stories. See Sidelines section.
  • A book with the full score of six classic Wishbone Ash tracks was published in Japan in 1993. It's entitled Wishbone Ash Best - Band Score. Info of that book is added to the Books section.



Gotta clean the table before AshCon.
Made a small change to the layout of the timeline/section banner. This in order to suit at least some of the Mini PCs. Thus a new version (6.1 to 6.2)
Additions to timeline:

  • New printing of Live in Geneva added to year 2008.
  • Argus is still a success in Japan. The fourth printing during this decade is a Super Audio CD. See Argus printings from, e.g. year 2008.
  • Another Japanese Super Audio CD: Blowin Free - An Introduction To Wishbone Ash. It's a compilation originally released in 2001 as a standard CD. See printing info from, e.g. year 2008.

Doug Boyne's contribution:

  • A WEA release of the 25th Anniversary of the Marquee (Live at Marquee) DVD added to year 2005.
    To make things easier with all the different Live at Marquee releases, the track listings are now combined to one file comprising all releases. The same thing was done with the separate cover art pages.

Jos van Acker's contributions:

  • One all new "Liverpool bootleg" and another from 1995 that I've missed. See
    [Bootlegs and Pirates]

Simon Atkinson's contribution:

  • Yet another Thailand 7" single with Wishbone Ash related cover art, but no Wishbone Ash tracks. See Singles section, Curiosities, Cat# FT-190.

Vemund Grimstad's contribution:

  • Vemund found three more Russian flexi-disk singles: Baby What You Want Me to Do, Valediction and Handy (the last one simultaneously with Ben Reinhardt).
    See Singles section, Russian Singles.

Last but not least, Ben Reinhardt's contributions:

  • Ben, simultaneously with Vemund, sent me info of a Russian flexi-disk single: Handy.
    See Singles section, Russian Singles.
  • The first Brazilian single listed on this site: Silver Shoes/Persephone. Thanks Ben!
    See Singles section, Brazilian Singles.
  • Ben also sent me info of following promo releases:
    • German White Label Promo of Pilgimage.
      See year 1971.
    • Japanese White Label Promo of Wishbone Ash (1st album).
      See year 1970.
    • Japanese White Label Promo of Just Testing.
      See year 1980.
  • Finally, a Mexican printing of Argus.
    See year 1972.



Friday the 13th, but it's time for an update...

Additions to timeline:

  • Two new compilations: Tough and Tender. See year 2008.
  • One more compilation: Rocked Up Beyond Belief - Two Decades of Live Recordings. See year 2008.

Mike Weal's contributions:

  • Mike found info of following Japanese bootlegs:
    • Japanese Bait,
    • Platform Shoes and
    • Live Ashes to Live Dust.
  • They can be seen in Bootlegs section, time period "1971 to 1976".

Simon Atkinson's contributions:

  • One of Andy's pre Wishbone Ash bands: The Ashley Ward Delegation
    is added to the Sideline story.

Vemund Grimstad's contributions:

  • Vemund found yet another Russian flexi-disk single: Everybody Needs a Friend
    See Singles section.



Additions to timeline:

  • Japanese release of The Collection. See year 2006.
  • Japanese release of Lost Pearls. See year 2007.
  • Compilation CD Past & Present added to year 2008.
  • Compilation CD + Book Transmissions added to year 2008.

Simon Atkinson's contributions:

  • Info and pictures of a Thailand Single: Rock'n Roll Widow / Balland of the Beacon (that's how it's written). See Singles section.
  • Simon also sent me pictures of some curious singles. The music has nothing to do with Wishbone Ash, but for some strange reason Wishbone Ash or Andy Powell is pictured on the sleeve. See item Curiosities in Singles section.



Additions to timeline:

  • Live in Hamburg LP cover art. See year 2007.
  • Various Artist DVD Classic Rock - The Anthology. See year 2004.

Additions to Singles section:

  • Picture of UK promo flexi disk from New England era.
  • Info and picture of Thai single So Many Things to Say / No Easy Road / Rock'n Roll Widow.

Additions to Sidelines section:

  • Muddy's been part of a team that's translated a guitar handbook to Finnish language. Pictures of that book (Suuri kitarakirja) and the original (The Guitar Handbook) added to Muddy's sideline story.

Vemund Grimstad's contribution:

  • Info and pictures of a Canadian single. See Singles section.




Finnish LP printing of Raw to the Bone is somewhat different than the UK LP printing. Added back cover detail pictures of both printings. See year 1985.

Vemund Grimstad's contributions:

  • Pictures of Korean printing of Pilgrimage. See year 1971
  • Pictures of a rare Thai single. A side: Everybody Needs a Friend. B side: non-Wishbone Ash songs. See Singles section.

Detlef Assenmacher sent me a picture and info of Classic Rock Various Artists DVD. See year 2004.

"Barrerensen" informed me of Live in Hamburg LP release. See year 2007.









Written by: Rainer Frilund