2007 Update History

The links on this update history page are mostly outdated. No use clicking on them.
That's what happens when you do too many revisions of your web page.


Added track list, cover art, printing info, credits and comments of Argus Deluxe Edition. See year 2007.

AshCon 2007 related updates (based on purchases during it):

  • Added cover art of Japanese printings of Tracks 3 and First Light. See year 2007.
  • Added info of Martin Turner's Wishbone Ash's live album New Live Dates Volume Two. See year 2007.
  • Added yet another Live in Chicago pirate called Lost Cause in Paradise. See Bootlegs and Pirates section.
  • Cover art of Australian Tour Sampler promo LP updated. See year 1976.
  • Printing updates for following albums:
    • Added a US printing of WA's first album that was available outside US only: MCG 3507 / MCA-23. See year 1970.
    • More details of Argus' Italian LP printing. See year 1972.
    • Added a UK LP printing of Wishbone Four: MCG 3503, 1973. See year 1973.

Vemund Grimstad's contributions:

  • Several pictures of labels of Japanese promo singles. See Singles section.
  • Pictures of certain BBC Transcription Services LP labels and que sheets. Look for a year with BBC Transcription Services LPs in its list of items, e.g. 1971.

Ben Reinhardt's contributions:

  • Russian printing of Clan Destiny. See year 2006.
  • Unearthed an earlier unkown Colombian compilation!
    Contains songs from first two albums and cover art looks like the first album. See year 1971.



Last updates before AshCon 2007:

  • Added new album The Power of Eternity. See year 2007.
  • Ben Granfelt Band's new album Notes from the Road added to Ben Granfelt's sideline story . See Sidelines section.
  • Vemund Grimstad's contributions:
    • Russian flexi disc Helpless. See Singles section.
    • UK, export only single So Many Things to Say C/W Rock 'n Roll Widow added to UK single printings.
  • Ben Reinhardt's contributions:
    • Turkish printing of Live Dates. See year 1973.
    • Spanish printing of No Smoke Without Fire. See year 1978.
    • Printing year info of First album in Greece. See year 1970.
    • Italian promo release of Pilgrimage. See year 1971.
  • Other printing data updates:
    • First Light Japanese printing added. See year 2007.
    • Tracks 3 Japanese printing added. See year 2007.
    • Dutch LP printing of Pilgrimage added. Also added cover art detail. See year 1971.
    • US printings of Hot Ash were also exported to Europe. See printings and cover art in year 1981.



  • Co-worker contributions:
    • Wolfgang Schmidt sent me data of the new live DVD and 2CD both entitled "Live in Hamburg".
      See year 2007.
    • Vemund Grimstad sent me five more Russian flexi disc singles.
      See Singles section.
    • Brian in South Carolina sent me pictures of "Live from Memphis".
      See year 1972.
    • Tsutomu Kubota sent me info of "Wishbone Ash - Pop Spectacular", a bootleg of a 1972 BBC concert.
      See Bootlegs and Pirates section
  • Other Additions:
    • "Wishbone Ash - Live in Concert", a pirate copy of "Live Dates 3" added to Bootlegs and Pirates section.
    • "Blowin' Free", a 2CD with pirate copies of "Live in Geneva" "Live in Chicago" added to Bootlegs and Pirates section.



A lot of stuff sent by co-workers pending, but here's re-worked
[Bootlegs and Pirates]

Will add updates by co-workers as soon as possible.



  • Jon Hahn mailed me a story and pictures of preliminary First Light cover art. See year 2007.
  • Vemund Grimstad's contributions:
    • Corrected info of the US promo single Loaded c/w Loaded (12" not 7").
    • A couple of missing printings of Nouveau Calls. See year 1987.
  • Added re-prints of Japanese Paper sleeve CDs. See year 2007.
  • Minor corrections (misprints and bloopers).



  • Simon Atkinson sent me the pictures following singles:
    • Dutch single No Easy Road c/w Rock 'n' Roll Widow.
    • French single No Easy Road c/w Blowin' Free .
  • Vemund Grimstad's contributions:
    • Picture of previously unknown US promo single Loaded c/w Loaded.
    • Picture of Dutch single Goodbye Baby, Hello Friend c/w Right or Wrong.
    • Picture and info of Italian single meant for juke boxes: Wishbone Ash: Persephone c/w Martha Reeves: Wild Night. It also includes some sort of promo coupon for an Italian diner / fast food shop.
    • Picture of Russian one sided flexi disc single Sorrel.
    • Cat. # of "An Evening Program With Wishbone Ash" (1972) corrected.
  • Ben Reinhardt sent me pictures of Argus' pink label factory test pressing. See year 1972.
  • Nigel Clinning sent me corrective information of Live Dates 2 printings. See year 1980.
  • Added info of Japanese printings of Tracks 1 and Tracks 2. See year 2007.
  • Added Google site search untility to search page. Hope the functionality improves with time.

Next update includes a story and pictures of preliminary Early Light cover art. All by Jon Hahn.
Now off to my summer holiday trip...



  • Simon Atkinson sent me the picture of a Thai EP. It's available in the singles section.
  • Other additions:
    • Joe Crabtree added to the list current members. See Sidelines section.
    • 2007 - First Light, the demo album made before the first official album.
      Dug up by Dr. John.
    • 2007 - Live From London
      An Australian DVD of the Marquee Club gig (23rd February 1983).
    • 2007 - Wishbone Ash - Blowin' Free DVD.
      Yet another DVD of the 20th anniversary concert at Colston Hall in 1989.



Here it finally is! Version six of this discography with a couple of hitches.

  • Due to the amount of work needed, the bootleg and pirate releases are not included. Will add them when I've found time to do it.
    Meanwhile, use this link where the old version is temporarily moved (until found redundant):
    Version 5 with Bootleg/Pirate info
    Note that version 5 will no longer be updated.
  • Search utility will be a available once Google has found time to rummage through my site and find all the necessary links/pages. Be patient.


  • Simon Atkinson sent me some scans of Italian singles. They can be found in the Singles section.
  • Vemund Grimstad sent me info of a Thailand single (including picture) and also info of a 12" Dance/Trance promo released in 1998.
  • Other additions:
    • 1989 - Night of the Guitars Video
    • 1999 - Psychic Terrorism Video
    • 2006 - Night of the Guitars DVD
    • 2007 - Wishbone Ash - The Primo Collection 2CD









Written by: Rainer Frilund