2006 Update History

The links on this update history page are mostly outdated. No use clicking on them.
That's what happens when you do too many revisions of your web page.


  • Added a M.T.W.A. (Martin Turner's Wishbone Ash) tab to the site. Thus a new version number for the site.
    The abbreviation used in the tab is for space reasons
    and was chosen because the same abbreviation was used on
    the band's first CD release (New Live Dates - Volume One).
  • Added the CD New Live Dates - Volume One by Martin Turner's Wishbone Ash.
    It is added to the new M.T.W.A. section.
  • The promo single that preceded Walking the Reeperbahn is also added to the M.T.W.A. section.
  • Tim Bracey corrected the track list of Ben Granfelt Band's CD Live Experience 1996-2005. I'd missed the hidden bonus track. Now it's included in Ben's Sideline story.
  • Vemund Grimstad from Norway sent me some additional info of two Spanish singles.
    He also sent pictures of the singles. They are now added to the Singles section.
  • Added full color pictures of the Russian 1993 "Masters of Rock - Argus" LP among Argus' cover art pictures.
  • Added an all new Disclaimers page in the About section.
    Another reason for upgrading the version number.


A clean-up of the "to do" list before AshCon:

  • Ben Granfelt, former Wishbone Ash member has release a new CD entitled: The Sum of Memories. It is added to his sideline story.
  • Ben Reinhardt, the master collector, has found a Mexican Single. So now, thanks to him, the Singles section has a new Mexican Singles subsection.
  • Jose Barrero from Spain sent me additional info of the 1991 Stage Affair Bootleg. It can be found in the Bootlegs section.
  • In the early part of this millennium, fans hoped for Wishbone Ash DVDs. Now we are flooded with them. Sadly, some of them are just re-releases of earlier stuff (with new cover art to fool us fans).
    The DVDs have been added to the Unique Material section.
    • Live at the Spirit of 66.
      The real deal! An all live recording recorded in Spirit of 66, Verviers, Belgium - 14-Feb-2006.
      This is a limited edition DVD available only from the official site.
    • Rock Milestones - Argus.
      A "Classic Albums" lookalike presenting Argus.
      Includes interviews with Martin Turner and Ted Turner.
    • The Live Broadcasts.
      A rehash of "Phoenix Rising" DVD with one track that is (partly) previously unseen.
    • The Ultimate Collection - 35th Anniversary Edition 3 DVD set.
      A 3 DVD box set with mainly old DVDs repackaged. The only new thing is a 6 and a half minute Martin Turner interview spread out among already available stuff.


  • Martin Daughton mailed me some corrections to the UK singles printing years and Cat#'s. He also sent a description of different label colour variations on early MCA releases. The colour variations info added here is based on Martin's LP collection.
  • Eagle Records' printing of Clan Destiny added to the Official Albums section. Info courtesy of Marcus Meyer.
  • Added Muddy Manninen's first published recording Red House Band, a single, to the Sidelines section.
  • Roger Filgate's new CD Blast Room - Rock is Dead added to the Sidelines section.



Finally the long wait is over!

  • Clan Destiny added to the Official Albums section.
  • Info of Bona Fide Special Limited Edition added to the Official Albums section.

Have received info that is waiting to be added here, but am busy and wanted to make sure these updates are published as soon as possible. All pending updates are added A.S.A.P.



  • The 3 DVD set entitled "The Ultimate Collection" included to the Unique Material / Visuals section.



  • This time Ben Reinhardt found some French reprints of Wishbone Ash (first album) and Argus.
  • Added the following CDs to Compilations section:
    • Ambition Series - The King Will Come and
    • Ambition Series - Mystery Man
  • Added V/A DVD The Very Best Of Dadrock to Unique Material section:








Written by: Rainer Frilund