2005 Update History

The links on this update history page are mostly outdated. No use clicking on them.
That's what happens when you do too many revisions of your web page.


  • User interface facelift (version 5.3):
    • Colour scheme updated (Office 2003 colour map lookalike).
    • Texts on tabs shortened to narrow down the window.
    • Various Artists DVDs arranged as a subset to "DVDs, Videos and Laser Discs" on Unique Material section.
  • Added info of Ian Harris' CD single "The Dakota" in Andy Powell's Sideline story (he plays guitar on the CD).
  • Ian Harris was kind enough to tell where I've missed his contributions to Wishbone Ash history. The following cover art credits were added to the discography:
    • Live in Chicago cover art.
    • Twin Barrels Burning LP/CD and Engine Overheat C/W Genevieve single cover art.
  • For the record: Let's not forget the following Wishbone Ash related contributions by Ian Harris either:
    • Strange Affair cover art.
    • Blowin Free - An Introduction To Wishbone Ash compilation sleeve notes.
    • Terry Tonik was the "name" Ian used on a single (produced by Andy Powell) in 1980.
  • Ben Reinhardt's recent finding:
    • The very first Austrian single added to the Singles section.
      Thanks Ben!
  • Added Various Artist DVD Classic Rock Heroes" to the Unique Material section.



  • Venue added and drummer info corrected to The Ring on Tracks 2CD (Unique Material section). All new info courtesy of Guy Roberts.
  • Ben Granfelts new CD Live Experience added to Ben's sideline.



  • Added a new picture among the Marquee DVDs.
  • Added pictures of the German single: Jail Bait / Lullabye .
  • Added a picture of the three track pirate copy The King Will Come in the Bootlegs section.
  • Added a short description and the cover art of Inside Wishbone Ash 1970-2004 CD in the Unique Material section.



  • Wishbone Ash - Guitar Classics tab book added to Unique Material / Books section.
  • Wishbone Ish - 35th Anniversary Tribute album added to Unique Material section.
  • Martin Turner's Wishbone Ash member list added to Martin's sideline story.
  • The Empty Vessels single also added to Martin's sideline story. All info courtesy of "Get Carter".
  • Ben Reinhardt found a couple of more missing printings:
     - A Phillippines printing of No Smoke Without Fire.
     - A Canadian printing of Pilgrimage.
    Now they're added to the discography. Thanks again Ben!
  • Added a 1980 US single sleeve LP printing of Argus that was supposed to be sold outside US only.
  • Added a couple of missing Bare Bones printings.
  • Added Locked In and New England "2 LP's on 1 CD" to the Compilations / Two or More Albums in One Package section.
  • Added Various Artist DVD More Classic Rock Legends to the Unique Material section.
  • Added a couple of Rockpalast 1976 Bootleg DVDs to the Bootlegs section.



This update was supposed to be published at my new internet service provider's address. Not so because they don't support PHP coding. That's what I use to produce the "tree" to the left of this text. All plans on moving have been put on hold. Don't want to revert to using java/javascript as in version 4, 'cause then some of you surfers may not be able to see my site.
... And I need the help of all of you people.

A change in the version number (to version 5.2) was needed since the PHP code creating the tree has been changed.
Also: the bootleg list is reordered to make it easier to read. The list was too long to be easily handled.

Enough of rambling. Here's the recent additions:

The rest of Tsutomu Kubota's Japanese Bootleg info added to the Bootlegs section. the titles are as follows.

  • Sellersville Theater
  • Park Hotel, Tynemouth Newcastle
  • Live Dates
  • Unplugged Live Dates
  • House of Blues

Ben Reinhardt sent me info of the following printings:

  • Mexican printing of Just Testing.
  • Dutch single sleeve printing of Argus.

The pictures on the inside fold out of different Live Dates printings have been discussed a lot at the ".com forum". I've sent a couple photos there and decided to include them here too. See the Official Albums section.


Added the recently released "Live on XM Satellite Radio" to the Unique Material / Albums... section.

Tsutomu Kubota sent me loads of data of Japanese Bootlegs and a couple of Pirate copies right after I published version 5 of the discography. Finally found some time to add at least a few of his data to the Bootlegs section. Here's what is added now:

  • Full data of: Wishbone Ash 1990 - 20th Anniversary Concert pirate copy CD.
    Source: "Live in Bristol" CD/DVD.
  • Full data of: Rockpalast 1976 pirate copy CD.
    Source: Rockpalast German TV broadcast, 1976.
  • Full data of: Birthday Show bootleg.
    Source: Koseinenkin Hall, Osaka, Japan 19-Feb-1975.
  • Full data of: Hammersmith '88 bootleg.
    Source: Hammersmith Odeon 3-Apr-1988.
  • Full data of: Locked In Europe bootleg.
    Source: Sporthalle, Wien, Austria 29-Aug-1975
  • Full data of: Tokyo 1975 bootleg.
    Source: Tokyo, Nakano Sun Plaza, Japan 21-Feb-1975.
  • Cover art for: Pilgrimage to Japan bootleg.
  • Cover art for: Fingertips & Rock'n'Roll bootleg.
  • Cover art for: The Ash Rock Cowboys bootleg.

Thanks Tsutomu! I'll do the rest when I've updated my computer.

An then the quriosity: Got hold of a Martin Turner Remix from the mid 80's. The music's not Martin's but he's (most likely) been appointed to do a remix of a song. See Sidelines section.



Felt I had to upgrade the version number from 5 to 5.1 for two reasons:

  • All fonts in tables are "equalized" with the font used outside tables. Now the layout is as it was meant to be.
  • Leon Tsilis, the webmaster of the The Wishbone Ash Web Site and former "Secret Projects Director" of MCA, sent me scans of two sketches of Hot Ash cover art.
    One that's similar to the one used in the final cover art, another altogether different.
    This is a historical moment for this discography: It's not just presenting what was published but also the preliminary work. Thanks Leon!
    To see the sketches, search for Hot Ash from Unique Material section's album list.


Added details of the Mexican printing of Live Dates 2.
All info courtesy of Ben Reinhardt and Kelly C. Hanna.

Joerg Moeckel found a BBC Radio 1 Live In Concert Wishbone Ash track that I'd dropped when transferring data from discography version 4 to version 5.


The Bootlegs section is finally updated to from version 4 to version 5.
Now all that's left is adding the new info gathered during the upgrade...


Joerg Moeckel pointed out that I'd missed a couple of songs from the "Lost Pearls" track list. Corrected now thanks to him.

Additions courtesy of Ben Reinhardt:

  • A Canadian print of Argus.
  • A Venezuelan copy of the first album.

I've also added appprox. half of the bootleg info back to version 5








Written by: Rainer Frilund