2004 Update History

The links on this update history page are mostly outdated. No use clicking on them.
That's what happens when you do too many revisions of your web page.


Final update before year 2005. Some new printing info ond cover art additions:

  • One more German compilation package (1st album and Pilgrimage) added to the site.
  • Added Inside Wishbone Ash DVD cover art.
  • Also added some printing info:
    - Wishbone Ash (2st album), a Japanese printing of the Official CD.
    - Pilgrimage, a Japanese printing of the Official CD.
    - Wishbone Four, a Japanese printing of the Official CD.
    - There's the Rub, a Japanese printing of the Official CD.
    - Locked In, a Japanese printing of the Official CD.
    - Rock Masterpiece Collection, a Japanese printing of the Compilation CD.
    - On Air, a Japanese printing of the Unique Material CD.
    - 25th Anniversary of the Marquee, another UK printing of the Unique Material DVD.
  • A Various Artists DVD with one Wishbone Ash song:
    Blues Rock, Unique Material DVD.

Additions courtesy of Ben Reinhardt:

  • Pilgrimage, 2 US printings
  • Pilgrimage, Italian printing
  • Theres The Rub, German printing
  • Theres The Rub, Italian printing


AshCon always results in a lot of updates:

  • Updated info of the Backbones CD in the Compilations section.
  • Added Wonderful Stash box to the Compilations/Two or More Albums in One Package section.
  • Added a back cover picture of the Turkish printing of No Smoke Without Fire.
    Co-worker Ben Reinhardt showed me the LP during AshCon and kindly allowed me to take a snapshot of it.
  • The following additions/updates made to the Unique Material / DVDs, Videos and Laser Discs section:
    • Updated track data and added cover art to Phoenix Rising DVDs.
    • Wishbone Ash - Rock Legends DVD added.
    • Various Artists DVD Stadium Rock added.
    • Added info of Almighty Blues 5.1 Surround Sound Music DVD containing 18 tracks from the London 2003 gig (video versions published on the Almighty Blues DVD and Phoenix Rising DVDs).

Reorganised Sidelines section to reflect current band line-up.
Also added info of a single Tony Kishman made back in 1980.

Further sideline updates thanks to Tsutomu Kubota:

  • Upgraded cover art of Cinema / Universal Language (Roger Filgate's sideline) thanks to Tsutomu Kubota.
  • Added info of Tacye's solo CD to Bob Skeat's sideline story.

Ben Reinhardt's a talent in finding rare printings of Wishbone Ash albums that's missing from the discography. Here's a list of official albums he's found more printings of:

  • Wishbone Ash (first album)
  • Pilgrimage
  • Argus
  • Wishbone Four
  • Live Dates
  • Theres The Rub
  • Locked In
  • Front Page News
  • No Smoke Without Fire
  • Just Testing
  • Live Dates 2
  • Number The Brave

For further details, check the printings lists of respective albums.
He also provided me with printing years of two Korean compilations.

Thanks Ben! (Both Ben R. and Ben G.)


  • Preliminary info on the latest compilation CD: Backbones found in the Compilations section. Also of the ever elusive "Phoenix Rising" (also entitled "Inside Wishbone Ash, A Critical Review 1970-2003") DVDs. More to come after AshCon.
  • Ben Reinhardt sent me info of a couple of printings that was missing from this site:
    • A Turkish printing of No Smoke Without Fire.
    • An Italian printing of Number the Brave.
  • A Japanese Wishbone Ash fan, Tsutomu Kubota, sent me a bunch of photos.
    Added info of Martin Turner's current activities (Blue Bishops CD) based on info from Tsutomu.
    More to come when the Bootleg section is updated.
  • Added a short Muddy Manninen history since he's the guitarist replacing Ben Granfelt. See the Sidelines section. .


It took a lot longer to make the update to version 5.0 than I thought.
The Bootlegs section is still undone, but here it is!

Some additions made while doing the update:

  • Time Was... The Live Anthology added to the Unique Material section.
  • A couple of Spanish single pictures added to the Singles section.
  • The live DVD Almighty Blues seems to be popular in Holland. Maybe it's because part of the footage shown is from a festival in Holland. Managed to locate a copy with Dutch text on the back side in Finland. See Unique Material section.


  • Lost Pearls finally added to the Unique Material section.
  • Info of the strange 2CD entitled Gold Dates added to the Unique Material section.
  • Also in the Unique Material section:
    Info of two various artists DVDs with one Wishbone Ash track each. Their titles are: The Guitar Wizards, Presented by Mick Box and Guitar Legends, the Ultimate Anthology.
  • Dr. John sent me information of a really rare bootleg LP! The name of the LP is simply "Wishbone Ash" and according to the numbering on the back side there were only four copies made. The tracks are from the two first albums and the LP is probably made in 1972. More info in the Bootlegs section.
  • Yet another bootleg CD entitled Runaway is released. Most of the tracks are the same as on the most "popular" Wishbone Ash bootleg CD. This one has also The King Will Come from Live in Chicago. so itís partly a pirate copy too.
  • This Wishbone Ash Discography web site is getting close to 10 years old (in July 2004 to be exact). Time to revamp the site. A sneak preview of version 5.0 is available at http://www.saunalahti.fi/fubb/www5/index.html (superfluous now, so the link won't work anymore).


  • Added a 1992 Japanese printing of the Live Dates CD (UICY 2384/5). Still waiting for the definite CD release of this LP. Currently this release is the best Iíve heard (different mastering than in the first US release and no edits like in the otherwise excellent BGO release).
  • Added info of Almighty Blues Super Audio CD in the Unique Material section.
  • Ben Granfeltís new compilation "The Past Experience 1994-2004" added to his Sideline section. It contains an "embryonic" version of Faith, Hope and Love, a song that was reworked for Wishbone Ash album Bona Fide.
  • Added Home - BBC Sessions 1972-73 CD to Laurie Wisefieldís Sideline section.


  • Cover art detail of Live Dates II added to the Official Albums section. The detail is from the early 2 LP releases with a sticker added to the cover. The sticker lists the songs found on the 2nd LP. Picture courtesy of co-worker Doug Boyne.
  • Info of a DVD with Various Artists entitled "Guitar Wizards" added to the Unique Material section. Wishbone Ash track is: Blowin Free from the late 80ís (original band reunited). Other info unknown as yet. All info courtesy of Detlef Assenmacher.
  • Corrected: Here to Hear track list (incomplete bonus track info)








Written by: Rainer Frilund