2003 Update History

The links on this update history page are mostly outdated. No use clicking on them.
That's what happens when you do too many revisions of your web page.


  • Cover art details of Argentinian printings of Theresí the Rub and Number the Brave added to the Official Albums section. The reason for adding the details is that the titles are translated. Also the running order of the tracks on Number the Brave varies on the Argentinian printing.
  • More source info of Tracks 2 added to the Unique Material section. Thanks to Tim Bracey.


  • The first 5000 copies of the Almighty Blues, DVD have a slightly different cover and also contain an extra DVD with the original band plaing in Bristol 1989. The cover art of this Limited edition DVD is added to the Unique Material sectionís subsection "DVDs / Videos / Picture discs".
  • Some more source info of Tracks 2 added to the Unique Material section. Thanks to "doctor crack".
  • Here to Hear, long box artwork added to the page with Here to Hear cover art. See Official Albums section.
  • Although Iím not about to add a comprehensive list of past, present and sideline jobs for all Wishbone Ash members, hereís one that I felt compelled to add: Total Balalaika Show DVD, Leningrad Cowboys with the Alexandrov Red Army Ensemble. Ben can be seen playing his red Les Paul. For more info, see Sidelines section.


  • Almighty Blues, an all new DVD with the current line-up released. More info in the Unique Material sectionís subsection "DVDs / Videos / Picture discs".
  • Tracks 2, a second collection of live goodies, released. More info in the Unique Material section.
  • Warrior, is a double CD available soon (pre-ordering possible at some internet shops). It is actually a re-release of Tracks one minus a couple of songs. See Warrior and Tracks in Unique Material.
  • A couple of singles not listed in this site appeared for sale on ebay. No didnít get them, but Iíve added the information to the Singles section (all new Greek and South African singles lists).
  • Someoneís selling bootlegs at ebay. Thatís no news, but the sad thing is the two gigs were freely and unofficially distributed among fans. Now one "rotten egg" has released them on CDs and gathers money with them.


  • The remastered (Martin Turner) Nouveau Calls is re-released by Talking Elephant. The cover art is slightly edited so itís added among the other cover art of Nouveau Calls (in Official Albums section, of course).
  • While weíre waiting for the April 2003 London gig to be released on DVD Classic Rock Productions keeps releasing different versions of the 1989 Bristol gig with the original band. Now itís a CD only printing found in the Unique Material section.


This is the longest break between updates.
No, Iím not "giving up", just awfully busy.

  • Here to Hear and Strange Affair remixed by Martin Turner and re-released with bonus tracks by Talking Elephant. Additionally the cover art is all new (Here to Hear) or "freshened" (Strange Affair). See Official Albums section.
  • A DVD audio version of Bare Bones is released. This is found both in the Official Albums as well as in the Unique Material section (DVDs / Videos / Picture discs subsection).
  • The URL od the French Wishbone Ash web site has changed. Now itís www.wishboneash.net.
  • Cover art of the Milestones double LP (containing both Pilgrimage and Argus) added to the Compilations section.
  • An all new compilation called "The Collection" is released in UK. All info on this CD is courtesy of Mike Pering. This means that the "Top of the Best of" list found in the Compilations section was updated too.








Written by: Rainer Frilund