2002 Update History

The links on this update history page are mostly outdated. No use clicking on them.
That's what happens when you do too many revisions of your web page.


Back from Mansfield...

  • Minutes of our trip to London and Manfield, AshCon 2002, added to the About section. Thereís also some photos of AshCon 2002.
  • A slim double CD package entitled Wishone Ash in Concert (also called something Bedrock in Concert on certain web shops) is added to the Unique Material section. Itís a DVD with a separate audio CD of the 1989 Bristol Colston Hall gig already available on DVD (but the Audio CD is an all new release.
  • A quriosity: Managed to get hold of a White Label Test Pressing of No Smoke Without Fire. There The Way of the World parts One and Two are entitled The Way of the World and Stormy Weather. The proof is shown among No Smoke Without Fire cover art.
  • Yet another version of the Live in Chicago CD has appeared (this time, once again, entitled The Living Proof). Iíve added info of this CD to the list of official albums. Canít be sure if it is official, but the cover art and the leaflet seem to "tell the truth" concerning the gig date and band members (both the band member names and a band photo).
  • Updated cover art:
    - An Evening Program With Wishbone Ash radio promo album in the Unique Material section.
  • Added cassette cover art of the following official albums:
    - Nouveau Calls
    - Here to Hear
  • Added backside cover art of 12" single You See Red c/w Bad Weather Blues to the page with pictures of UK singles.
  • Added cover art of bootleg LP Lorelive Date to the Bootlegs and Pirate Copies section.
  • A Polish compilation: Gold Collection added to the Compilations section.
  • A Polish Bootleg/Pirate copy CD added to the Bootlegs and Pirate Copies section.

Quite a lot of updates. Seems like going to UK/AshCon is very
fruitful for this web site (not to mention the joy of seeing the
band live). Guess Iíd need a sponsor to be able to afford to
go to Mansfield next year again. ;-)


Last update before going to AshCon2002Ö

  • Tracks Double CD containing quite a few rare live tracks is released. Added track info in Unique Material section, but am still missing my copy of it. More info to come later on.
  • Added cover art of the Spanish printing of Pilgrimage. The title of the LP is Peregrinaje.
  • Yet another pirate copy of Live in Chicago is "on the loose". The title is used before too (Lost Cause in Paradise), but this time it is (supposed to be) a Portuguese printing.


  • Marcus Meyer reminded of an Illuminations printing that Iíve missed. He also informed me of a French printing of Twin Barrels Burning and an Italian printing of Wishbone Four.
  • Vincent Dymanus allowed me to use his picture of Wishbone Ashís first Holland single.


  • I finally did dare to write my personal view of Bona Fide. It took me time to realise that I can rave about an album with a Finnish member in it without appearing to be nationalistic.


  • Info of the German printing of Bona Fide added to the Official album section. All info courtesy of Wolfgang Schmidt.


  • The new studio album Bona Fide added to the Official album section.


  • The cover art of the remastered Argus added to Official Albums section. A comment on the remastering work: I was forewarned that it is awesome, so I decided to make a nostalgic trip of the first listening: I listened to the four first songs (from Time Was to The King Will Come) just as I heard them for the first time way back in 1972. It was just like reliving the old days. The only difference was that this time the sound quality was crystal clear. What an experience! Thank you Martin Turner!
  • Claire Hamill's solo album Voices added to the Sideline section (about time).
  • Some re-ordering of Live in Chicago CD "clones". Live in Windy City and The Living Proof - Live in Chicago upgraded from the Pirate Copies section to the Official Albums section. They're both CDs that are/were sold via the official web site, so they can't be that bad no matter how wrong the song titles are written and how unclear the composer data isÖ


  • The first ever non-Finnish Wishbone Ash member visited Kokkola on Friday the 1st of March 2002. Andy Pyle played bass in Ken Hensley's band "Free Spirit". Ken started his Running Blind World Tour from my hometown. See a photo and some signatures in the About section.
  • David Richardson, the screen saver specialist, pointed out that yet another pirate copy of Live in Chicago has appeared. this time it's entitled "Live in Windy City". More in the Bootlegs and Pirate Copies section.
  • Dave Hefford, a new co-worker, provided me with the cover art of the Blowin Free EP. The picture is available in the Singles section.
  • Laurie Wisefield's pre-Wishbone Ash band was Home. Now Laurie's Sideline story also includes the cover art for Home's first album Pause for a Hoarse Horse.








Written by: Rainer Frilund