2001 Update History

The links on this update history page are mostly outdated. No use clicking on them.
That's what happens when you do too many revisions of your web page.


  • The cover of the Japanese release of Number the Brave (first time on CD!) added. Hard to get and pricy, but well worth it!
  • The cover art of Blowin Free: An Introduction To Wishbone Ash CD updated. See the Compilations section.
  • Several other cover art additions and updates in the Singles and Compilations sections.


  • The 30th anniversary concert is finally available on video and DVD! Check the Unique Material section.
  • All but one of Wisbone Ash MCA releases have been re-released in paper sleeves (imitating the original gatefold LPs) in Japan! At least 101.com is offering them for sale. Amazon.co.uk has a limited set of the available (only Number the Brave at the moment). This is the first chance to get Number the Brave on CD. Hope the remaining item (Live Dates Volume Two) will also be available soon...
  • Yet another copy of the "most popular" bootleg is for sale in Germany. This time it's simply titled "Wishbone Ash - Live". See the Bootlegs section. All information courtesy of Wolfgang Schmidt.


Cleaning up the mail archives before the 30th anniversary DVD is released...

  • The book: "Blowin Free - 30 Years of Wishbone Ash" has a different cover in US. Got this cover pic a long time a go but plain forgot it and its sender. Sorry David Richardson(?). The cover art can finally be found in the Unique Material section.
  • The 1989 Bristol Concert (from the 20th anniversary tour with original members) previously available on video and laser disc is now also available on DVD. Both a US version (NTSC) and a European version (PAL) is available, but hard to find. More info found in the Unique Material section thanks to Wolfgang Schmidt.
  • Dr. John sent me the track listing of the Live 73 - Alexandra Palace bootleg LP. See the Bootlegs section.
  • Dr. John also offered a previously unknown (for me) Polish compilation for sale on e-bay (no, I wasn't the highest bidder). I've added the information Dr. John provided to this web site too. See the Compilations section.
  • The compilation titled Blowin Free: An Introduction To Wishbone Ash is finally released! More info in the Compilations section.


  • Distillation box set is re-released! All new layout and some things has gone missing... See Unique Material section.
  • Another DVD of the 25th Anniversary of the Marquee released in UK. This one's can also be viewed in any region (the regional code is "0", which means "no regional limitations"). The cover art is available in Unique Material section (courtesy of Mike Derbyshire).


  • Mark Birch left to pursue a career in the IT branch (as far as I know, just as unsure way of earning your income as music...). Ben Granfelt (from Finland!) is the replacement. See Sidelines section for more info.
  • Ben joining Wishbone Ash was news in Finland (contrary to the Wishbone Ash concert in Helsinkin in February earlier this year). The Sidelines section of Ben Granfelt has some stories on "What the Finnish press said about Ben joining Wishbone Ash".
  • Some updates in the Unique Material/Books section (cover art).


  • Live Dates III finally released! Cover art plus other info added. Personal view to be written soon.
  • Additional info of the Live in Chicago copy called Lost Cause in Paradise is added to the Pirate Copies section.
    Lost Cause in Paradise
    The Live in Chicago copy called Lost Cause in Paradise seems to be a "genuine" pirate copy. The leaflet contains some band history data and some photos from the early 70's but (as usual) no info on the CD's source, gig date & place, band members playing on the CD etc.
  • One more Live in Chicago pirate copy called Wishbone Ash - Picture Disc is also added to the Pirate Copies section. All information courtesy of Harry van der Pouw. Thanks Harry!
    By the way, guess if the picture disc includes a photo of the line-up playing on the Live in Chicago CD... You're right! No, this time it's from the late 70's.


  • A link to a French Wishbone Ash web site added to the About, Other Ash Related Sites.
  • Added the track list for the forthcoming Live Dates III album. Track data based information available on the Wishbone Ash Message Board.
  • David Richardson informed me of yet another Live in Chicago copy. Currently neither David nor yours truly do know whether the new release is a legitimate one or a pirate copy. As long as nothing is confirmed, I'll keep info on this CD in the Bootlegs and Pirate Copies section
  • Other CDs that Amacon.co.uk presents as "forthcoming":
    Wishbone Ash Live in Koln and Depths of Winter
    both are supposed to be released by Voiceprint, which gi me the impression that they're part of the "Boot the Bootleggers" project. All information courtesy of David Richardson.
  • Detlef Assenmacher, the webmaster of the official German web site sent me the picture of the box containing the Live in Chicago CD and the Illustrated Collector's guide to Wishbone Ash book.
  • P.S.
    My copy of the book Blowin' Free 30 years of Wishbone Ash has arrived. Almost read it through in one night, but my wife reminded of that I'll have go to work the next day...
    A good read for all people interested of the Wishbone Ash story!


  • A report of Wishbone Ash's gig in Tavastia Club, Helsinki on the 7th of February 2001 added to the About section.
  • Some additions to printings to the following official albums:
    • A German Argus cassette, cat# MCTP 91544.
    • A German No Smoke Without Fire cassette, cat# MC0662.115.
    • A German Just Testing cassette, cat# 401 317-352.
    • A German Number the Brave cassette, cat# 403 625-150.
    • A UK Live Dates II single album, cat# MAPS 9780.
    • A Russian Wishbone Four CD, cat# JPCD 02041.
    • A Russian Front Page News, cat# unknown.
  • "Traces of information" of a future official release already added:
    • Live Dates III.


  • Lots of new information of very rare albums available. The internet auction site eBay is a goldmine when it comes to getting (information of) these rare records. Thanks for all the auctioners who allowed me to use their material. You're all mentioned as the source for the material you provided and also added to the list of co-workers. Here's a list of what's added:
    • There's a newly found Korean compilation that's called simply Wishbone Ash. For more information, see the Compilations section.
    • Everybody Needs a Friend is an album that's almost like Wishbone Four, but it's not. For more information, see the Compilations section.
    • The pictures of the Korean printing of There's the Rub and No Smoke Without Fire included to the Official Albums section.
    • The picture of the Korean printing of Hot Ash included to the Unique Material section.
    • The first picture of a Spanish single added to the Singles section.
    • Time Was bootleg added to the Bootlegs and Pirate Copies section.
    • A picture of the Phoenix VHS video added to the Unique Material section.








Written by: Rainer Frilund