2000 Update History

The links on this update history page are mostly outdated. No use clicking on them.
That's what happens when you do too many revisions of your web page.


  • Three updates to the Unique Material section:
    • Y2WA cover art added.
    • A corrected track list written for the Wishbone Ash - 25th Anniversary of the Marquee DVD.
    • The new book: Blowin' Free - Thirty Years of Wishbone Ash is available from Gary Carter and at least from Amazon.co.uk.
  • While surfing the net I found a Wishbone Ash compilation album available in Poland. It's added to the Compilations section and caused an update to the "Top of the Best of" list.
  • A link to Bandlink's web site added to the About / Other music web sites page.


  • Y2WA info added to the Unique Material section. More to come when I've received my copy. Current data based on the Wishbone Ash newsletter.
  • The first Wishbone Ash DVD video was released on 29th of August 2000. This information courtesy of Leon Tsilis, the webmaster of The Wishbone Ash Web Site. More of this DVD in the Unique Material section.
  • More bootlegs/pirate copies found in Germany (all information courtesy of Wolfgang Schmidt):
    • A reprint of "Runaway" bootleg with slightly different cover art.
    • Twin Axe Warriors is an all new bootleg/pirate CD including the same songs as on the Runaway bootleg plus "The King Will Come" from official album "Live in Chicago".
  • Link to John Cole's web site web site updated in the About / Other Ash related sites section.


  • Mike Derbyshire's "Wishbone Ash Trade Center" added to the About / Other Ash related sites section.
  • Tsutomu Kubota sent me a list of his Ash items. It helped me to do a cat# correction (Front Page News) and add the data of a few previously missed printings (Masters of Rock, Live Timeline, From the Archives II).


  • A short fan's view of the 30th Anniversary Party. See the About section. Maybe I'll fill it up later on...
  • Another 3CD box set that's available at least in UK. It includes the same official releases as a 3CD box released in Germany: Wishbone Four, There's the Rub and Front Page News.
  • Some updates on Martin Turner's and Claire Hamill's sideline stories. Claire's own web site also added to the About/Other Ash related sites page.


  • Pairing the most popular bootleg CD and "Live in Chicago" pirate copy seems to be the latest fad. Now it's called Millenium Collection (yes, Millenium with one "n").
    BTW the CD even includes telephone and fax data of the "distributor". It could be fun to try to contact them...
    For more information, check the Bootleg section.


Happy new millennium! Finally found some spare time to do an update.
Here goes:

  • John Mellec from Canada sent some additional info concerning The King Will Come - Live CD. See Unique material section.
  • At last some personal comments on Bare Bones. Read them and disagree (or not).

See you in Shepherd's Bush Empire in April...








Written by: Rainer Frilund