1999 Update History

The links on this update history page are mostly outdated. No use clicking on them.
That's what happens when you do too many revisions of your web page.


  • Detlef Assenmacher joined the co-worker team by sending information on a German video release called The King Will Come. See the Unique Material section.
  • Info on a new printing of Psychic Terrorism added to the Official Albums section. This release includes a bonus CD with eight new audio tracks, and two CD-ROM tracks (playable on a PC): Wonderful Stash video and a sample from a forthcoming Psychic Terrorism video.
  • A new bootleg called Live Plaza added to the Bootlegs section.


  • Wolfgang Schmidt sent me so much new information that I had to make an update...
    • Additional printings data for the new studio album Bare Bones.
    • A new CD with rare live songs: The King Will Come - Live.
      This one is added to the Unique Material section because of the publisher. Receiver Records has a prior history of releasing live Ash and paying the royalties (check Live - Timeline).
    • A new combination: 2CD with both a pirate copy and a bootleg CD.
      See Wishbone Ash - In Concert in the Bootleg section.


  • Bare Bones released! All other data added except full Personal View (but a short comment is available already).
  • Dr. John's USASH web site added to the About/Other Ash Related Sites list.
    With a shy wish that an old saying would be true: "The more the merrier"...


  • Preliminary info of Bare Bones, the forthcoming (almost) acoustic album.
  • A new 3 CD set added to the Compilations/"Two (or more) Albums in One Package" section. The set includes Wishbone Four, There's the Rub and Front Page News.


  • On Air, a renamed and re-released Live at the BBC CD added to Unique material section
  • The link to Al Ventis link page is updated on the Other Ash related web sites page.


  • MayDay video added to Unique material section.
  • Official album Live in Chicago rereleased by Right Recordings with a new title: "Living Proof - Live in Chicago".
    Almost all track lengths printed on the back side of the jewel case are wrong. Seems like the source for the printed track lengths is one of the pirate copies of Live in Chicago. Makes me think...


  • Information of the rerelease of Martin Turner's solo album Walking the Reeperbahn specified with the kind help of Doug Boyne. See Sidelines section.
  • Information concerning the Griffin release of BBC Radio 1 Live in Concert added to Unique Material section.
  • The album cover art of the UK Classic Ash LP is added to the site. Previously only the CD cover art and the Japanese album was included.

By the way... This discography celebrates its 5th anniversary this month.


  • A new pirate version of Live in Geneva is available at certain on-line shops. Now it's called Rock Heroes. See Pirate Copies section
  • Martin Turner's solo album Walking the Reeperbahn rereleased by Blueprint. See Sidelines section.
  • Finally: a real copy of the New England/Front Page News 2in1 CD cover art. Not just an edited copy of an advertisement.


  • Archives III picture update courtesy of Wolfgang Schmidt.
  • Joachim Weidelt's link on About, Other Ash related web sites updated.


  • Information of new printings of Archives III sent by Doug Boyne. See the Unique material section.
  • Preliminary information concerning the forthcoming New England/Front Page News 2 CD's in 1 box.


  • Wolfgang Schmidt found a real treasure: A compilation CD called Me and My Guitar released in Germany 1995. Check the compilation section.
  • Some additional pictures of Wishbone Four and There's the Rub including cassette cover art and other curiosities.
  • Internet keeps us Ash fans close to each other: Doug Boyne is a fan living in Indonesia (born in Aberdeen, Scotland). Although he is geographically far away from most of us (just as I am far from most of you who are reading this) he's able to contact other Ash fans and buy Ash products using Internet's capabilities.
    To the point: Doug informed me of two previously unknown "Live at the BBC" CD releases for sale on certain on-line shops. More specific info on the CDs will appear later on. At the moment I just have to guess that they are probably rereleases of the two known "Live at the BBC" CDs.


  • All new user interface and some other refinements:
    • Sideline section separated in two parts: Current Members and Ex Members
    • World of Leather's album Jesus Christ Superstore added to Ray Weston's sideline story because he played drums on the album.
    • UK printings of Archives I and Archives II released by PowerBright. Cover art and Printing information added thanks to Wolfgang Schmidt.
    • There's also a new release of Trance Visionary available. This version includes a bonus CD with 4 additional tracks. See Official albums section. All information by Wolfgang Schmidt.








Written by: Rainer Frilund