1998 Update History

The links on this update history page are mostly outdated. No use clicking on them.
That's what happens when you do too many revisions of your web page.


  • One more "Ashole" added to the "Other Ash related sites": Al Venti.
    ("Ashole" is Al Venti's own title to an old Wishbone Ash fan).
  • Wolfgang Schmidt sent pictures and printing data of the Archives I and Archives II UK reprints. See Unique Material section.


  • Link updates in the About section:
    • Joachim Weidelt and Ian Hollingworth added to "Other Ash related sites".
    • Steve Harvey's link updated in "Other Ash related sites".
    • On-line record shop Soundstone added to "Other music sites"


A few quick updates after AshCon98 (which was superb, of course):

  • Official albums:
    • New CD release Psychic Terrorism added (with a short personal view).
    • The third cover art of Live in Chicago finally added to the list!
  • Bootleg section:
    • Cover art of Playin' Free bootleg added to the list.
    • Cover art of Keeper of the Light (pirate copy of Live in Chicago) added to the list.
    • Two new pirate copies of Live in Chicago has appeared. They are called:
      • Wishbone Ash - Live in U.S.A. and
      • The Living Proof - Live in Chicago.


  • Top of the Best of list updated in the Compilations section.
  • Look out England, not just the Yanks but the Finns are coming too! My wife and I are celebrating out 20th anniversary in London just before AshCon98. On the 7th of November we'll take a train to Mansfield and join all of you Wishbone Ash fans.
  • Working on a new version of the discography.
    (A sneak preview was available for the curious ones).


  • A new (and remastered) compilation album called Outward Bound released in Germany. All information by Wolfgang Schmidt.


  • Official albums section:
    • Tsutomu Kubota sent me a picture of the third version of Twin Barrels Burning album cover art.
    • Up to now unknown (at least for me) printing of Illuminations "discovered" and added to the list.
  • Sideline section:
    • Wolfgang Schmidt sent information concerning Roger Chapman's latest CD release. Laurie Wisefield is playing guitar on the CD.
    • King Crimson's "Red" added to John Wettons sideline story.
  • Bootleg section:
    • Tsutomu Kubota informed of yet another bootleg CD based on the most "popular" source. Now it's called: Wishbone Ash Rock Series.


  • The Sideline section seems to flourish now:
    • Additional information based on an LP release of Night of The Guitar by John Mellec.
    • Wolfgang Schmidt provided information of John Wetton's live album Chasing the Dragon.
    • The latest HOT ASH issue (# 33) included an interview with Ray Weston (by Carol Farnworth). This made it possible for me to add some more information into Ray's sideline story.


  • More Sideline section information provided by co-worker Wolfgang Schmidt (Hey, what's my part 'round here!):
    • Night of The Guitar CD picture and track list added to Andy Powell's and Ted Turner's sideline stories.
    • Track list and picture of Claire Hamill's and Andrew Warren's new Summer CD added to Claire Hamill's sideline story.


  • More information provided by co-worker Tsutomu Kubota:
    • A track list and a picture of Home's The Alchemist added to Laurie Wisefield's sideline story.
    • A picture of Wishbone Ash / Masters of Rock compilation album.
    • A picture of UK single You See Red c/w Bad Weather Blues.


  • Wolfgang Schmidt corrected some German release data in early May, but now I don't remember which ones anymore (at least Live Dates and Live Dates II).
  • Tsutomu Kubota sent information of O'Ryan's Something Strong (O'Ryan' = Mervyn "Spam" Spence).
  • New No Smoke Without Fire and Just Testing CD releases added to respective printing lists. No Smoke Without Fire's CD cover differs from the LP cover, so it's also added to the Cover pics section.
  • Pilgrimage to Mansfield -travelogue "released". See About section.


  • More bootleg info by Wolfgang Schmidt, Tsutomu Kubota and Hiroya Mizushima:
    • A new bootleg CD called Marquee '73.
    • Additional Info about Wishbone Ash - Archive Series
    • Yet another version of the most popular bootleg source! This time it's called:
      Wishbone Ash - Their Greatest Hits.
  • New sorting order in the album lists: Latest release on top of the list. Hopefully this minimizes the need to scroll down a list to find the latest news.
  • Also: "Desperately seeking" for a nice background palette.


  • Trance Visionary released! See Official albums section for Track list, Credits and Personal view.


  • Some Trance Visionary info already available. See Official albums section.


  • Space reserved for the forthcoming new CD: Trance Visionary.
    More information to be read in the future.
  • Wolfgang Schmidt pointed out a couple of misprints that are now corrected:
    • The name of the German Live Dates 2 Additional Tapes LP.
    • The Cat# of the German CD printing of There's the Rub.
  • Two new links in the About/Other music sites section:
    • Rock Out Censorship
    • The Ultimate Band List
  • Update history as a new option in the About section.
  • All printing lists using preformatted layout re-edited thanks to yet another browser version with a new "treatment" for preformatted text.
  • Also some other minor layout changes.


Lots of new pictures in almost all sections (by Wolfgang Schmidt and yours truly).

  • Official Albums:
    • There's The Rub German LP,
    • Front Page News UK LP,
    • German Live Dates II Additional Tapes LP,
    • Another German Argus/Pilgrimage 2in1 CD cover.
  • Singles:
    • Cosmic Jazz Uk single and
    • six new German singles.
  • Unique Material:
    • A bigger picture of Hot Ash LP.
  • Compilations:
    • Wishbone Ash (German 1977 compilation),
    • The Original Wishbone Ash LP,
    • That's Wishbone Ash LP.
  • Bootlegs:
    • Strange Affair Live Pirate copy of Live in Chicago CD.

In addition to the new pictures, Wolfgang Schmidt updated/corrected the German single list.
Tsutomu Kubota informed of yet another Bootleg CD (with picture).

14-FEB-98 (version 3.1)

  • Added a link to co-worker Tsutomu Kubota's own web page.
    Available from this updates page and also on ABOUT, Other Ash related sites.
  • Lots of bad HTML code corrected (mostly not visible for the reader, therefore unmarked).
  • Also a small justification in the colour scheme.


  • Line-up changes reflected in the Sidelines section.
  • Wolfgang Schmidt sent some additional German printing info concerning the albums Wishone Ash and Front Page News. Also updates for the German singles list.
  • New bootleg: Depths of Winter.


  • Wolfgang Schmidt sent me two German singles. Their covers are added to the singles section.
    He also corrected some data concerning the German compilations from 1975 and 1977.
    Additionally he informed that Time Was, the Wishbone Ash Collection was also released in Germany.
  • Tsutomu Kubota sent some additional bootleg/pirate data.
  • A picture of the German Raw to the Bone cover pic is also added.


  • Tsutomu Kubota pointed out a couple of "bloopers" and also sent additional data (see Singles section)
  • AshCon97 is documented on video! Song list and cover art at the end of the Unique material section.


  • Tsutomu Kubota sent me a new batch of pictures as a new year present.
    I'll pass the present on to you.
    Look for the NEWER sign in Singles, Compilations and Bootlegs sections.








Written by: Rainer Frilund