Acknowledging Tools Used

The Carousel is based in "flShow - Carousel 2.0" by Saverio Caminiti. His web site:

Although I don't own/use Dreamweaver (too expensive for a hobby based web site), I did check some sites for useful ideas when preparing for version 7. One of them was where they have quite a few free templates. At the end, I didn't use any of the templates, but the embedded CSS code (by Eric Meyer's CSS Sculptor) was partly utilized in the CSS code on version 7.

The author of the tabbed menu is Stefan Vervoort. The menu I use is an application of the one presented at: and
The "behavior" file that's part of the tabbed menu is by:
Peter Nederlof with some help from Arnoud Berendsen.

Thanks all and everybody!
















Written by: Rainer Frilund - Last update: Jan, 2010