Thanks, Co-Workers

This is a list of people who've helped me through the years by delivering "goods" to this web site:

  • Leon Tsilis, maintainer of "The Wishbone Ash Web Site". Be sure to visit there if you're interested in a comprehensive presentation of what Wishbone Ash is all about!
  • Dr. John, who knows everything worth knowing about Wishbone Ash. Practically all information about different printings are courtesy of Dr John.
  • Tsutomu Kubota (JPN) and Andy Garcarz (UK) for being co-workers!
  • Co-worker Wolfgang Schmidt (GER) for invaluable help (especially the singles).
  • My Canadian AshCon97 companion and co-worker John Mellec for his contributions.
  • The webmaster of the official German Wishbone Ash Web Site, Detlef Assenmacher who's co-working on this web site too!
  • All eBay sellers allowing me to use their pictures and other information on this web site. They are:
    Han Sang-Hak, eBay seller "recomania" and an "anonymous" person. All from Korea. Giancarlo Romanelli from Italy. Carlos Garcia and an "anonymous" person from Spain.
  • Co-worker David Richardson, from UK, who among other things makes the greatest Wishbone Ash screen savers I've seen!
  • A couple of "hard core fans" may not be unmetioned:
    • Mike Derbyshire (UK) for "Hot Ash", for being at AshCon98 and, and...
    • Harry van der Pouw (NL), who among other things informed me of the Wisbone Ash Picture Disc pirate copy of the Live in Chicago CD.
  • Co-worker Dave Hefford, from UK, who scanned (and made available to this web site) the cover art of the rare Blowin Free, Phoenix & Jail Bait EP .
  • Co-worker Vincent Dymanus who allowed me to use his picture of Wishbone Ashs first Holland single.
  • Co-worker Mike Pering who sent me all info about the compilation CD entitled "The Collection".
  • Co-worker Doug Boyne (Indonesia/Scotland) for sending the detail photo of the first printings of Live Dates II.
  • Co-worker Ben Reinhardt who's an expert on finding "missing" printings.
  • Co-worker Kelly C. Hanna who sent me detailed info of the Mexican printing of Live Dates 2.
  • Co-worker Vemund Grimstad who sent me info and pictures of some Spanish singles etc.
  • Co-worker Simon Atkinson who sent me pictures of some Italian singles, and more.
  • Co-worker Mike Weal who sent me info and pictures of Japanese bootleg releases.
  • Co-worker Bob Beresford for sending me "loads of pictures" etc.
  • Co-worker Stian Brekken, for his web site containing Hipgnosis covers, which he graciously allowed me to "loan" Wishbone Ash cover art from.
  • Co-worker Philippe Gweganton for info and pics of a whole lot of French printings.

Thanks also to:

  • Patrick Fuchs for pointing out that I had the wrong recording date for Insomnia on Tracks 2CD.
  • Max Jackson for pointing out errors/discrepancies in track lenghts of Live in Geneva.
  • "Barrerensen" who sent me info of Live in Hamburg LP release.
  • Nigel Clinning who sent me corrective information of Live Dates 2 printings.
  • Joerg Moeckel who searches for my mistakes when transferring data from discography version 4 to version 5 ("Lost Pearls" and "BBC Radio 1 Live In Concert Wishbone Ash").
  • "Doctor Crack" and Tim Bracey for information concerning Tracks 2.
  • Marcus Meyer (GER) for informing me of some European printings that Id missed.
  • Klaus E. Meyer (GER) for additional information.
  • Mike Davis (USA) who informed me of two albums that I'd missed (way back in '94).
  • Martin Daughton (UK) for some corrections to the UK singles printing years and Cat#'s.
  • Jose Barrero from Spain for sending me additional info of the 1991 Stage Affair Bootleg.
  • Tim Bracey from UK who pointed out a missing hidden track. Thanks!
  • Jos van Acker from the Netherlands who found two more "Liverpool bootlegs".
  • "spider" who brought to my attention a download-only version of a "Liverpool bootleg".
















Written by: Rainer Frilund - Last update: Jul, 2010