Revision History

7.0 beta (Jan 2010)

A beta version of forthcoming version 7 released.

6.5 (May 2009)

A "visual search" utility also added to the Search page of Bootlegs and Pirates section.

6.4 (Feb 2009)

The tree structures of the following sections have been replaced with a list:
Singles, Books, Sidelines and About.

The tree structures were a bit problematic because the code behind them was somewhat outdated.
Anyway, bye bye and thanks to Bjorge Dijkstra for creating the original PHP tree code back in 1999.

6.3 (Jan 2009)

A "visual search" utility added to the Search page.

6.2 (Sep 2008)

A small change to the layout of the timeline/section banner. This in order to suit at least some of the Mini PCs.

6.1 (Aug 2007)

Bootlegs and Pirates section also rebuilt to have more visual lists of items.

6.0 (Mar 2007)

New user interface allowing visitors to "see" the item
instead of reading a list of titles.

5.4 (Dec 2006)

New section (Tab):

  • Martin Turner's Wishbone Ash (M.T.W.A.)
    The abbreviation used in the tab is for space reasons
    and was chosen because the same abbreviation was used on
    the band's first CD release (New Live Dates - Volume One).

All new disclaimer page.

5.3 (Dec 2005)

User interface facelift:

  • Colour scheme updated (Office 2003 colour map lookalike).
  • Texts on tabs shortened to narrow down the window.
  • Various Artists DVDs arranged as a subset to "DVDs, Videos and Laser Discs" on Unique Material section.

5.2 (May 2005)

New kind of PHP code used for creating the menu trees
(PHP TreeMenu 1.1 - Author: Bjorge Dijkstra).

The bootleg list is reordered to make it easier to read. The list was too long to be easily handled.

5.1 (Mar 2005)

Felt I had to upgrade the version number from 5.0 to 5.1 for two reasons:

  • All fonts in tables are "equalized" with the font used outside tables. Now the layout is as it was meant to be.
  • Leon Tsilis, the webmaster of the The Wishbone Ash Web Site and former "Secret Projects Director" of MCA, sent me scans of two sketches of Hot Ash cover art.
    One that's similar to the one used in the final cover art, another altogether different.
    This is a historical moment for this discography: It's not just presenting what was published but also the preliminary work. Thanks Leon!

5.0 (Aug 2004)

The tenth anniversary of this web site went by while working with the new layout (in July 2004)...
Decided to publish version 5 although the bootleg section is still almost undone.
Will do it as soon as I have time.

5.0 beta (May 2004)

The tenth anniversary of this web site is approaching.
The idea of the new layout / user interface is ready but the data needs to be added.

4.0 (Jan 99)

All new user interface with Explorer-like Table of contents and Index search utility. This is done using Web*lite 4.2 by Virtual Media Technology.
To be able to utilize this new user interface you need to have Netscape 3, Internet Explorer 4 or newer browsers supporting Java and Javascript.

I admit the startup is very slow, but navigation is a lot easier once the tool is loaded.

3.2 (Apr 98)

New sorting order in the album lists: Latest release on top of the list. Hopefully this minimizes the need to scroll down a list to find the latest news.

Also: "Desperately seeking" for a nice background palette.

3.11 (Mar 98)

Some other minor layout changes:

  • Instead of using character strings, like "*************" as separators in a list, the separator cell is now empty but a different background colour is used.
  • An active link is displayed in yellow.

3.1 (Feb 98)

A self made "multifile replacement utility" made the following change possible:
Lots of bad HTML code corrected (approx. 20% of the double quotes were wrongly coded). This mistake wasn't visible, unless the file was printed or an old viewer was used.

Also a small justification in the colour scheme.

3.0 (Oct 97)

Finally done!
... with a slightly brighter colour scheme than in the "beta" version.

New additions:

  • List of singles released all over the world, not just in Japan.
  • Videos and Laser discs added in the Unique material section.
  • A Sideline section added describing Ash members' activities outside Wishbone Ash.
  • A Bootleg section describing all known bootlegs and pirate copies.

Also a new policy:
As few "force fed" graphics as possible. The faster the downloading the better.

2.3 (Jun 97)

Tsutomu Kubota sent me a lot of pictures of Wishbone Ash related material. Among other things there were pictures of all Japanese singles. They are added as an all new category in the discography. Thus also a new version number.

3.0 beta (Mar. 97)

Just Testing...

  • Trying to minimize the possibility that viewers get "lost in hyperspace": A colour scheme and fast access buttons for each main topic.

2.21 (Feb. 97)

Spent some money in making small colour copies of the LPs not released as CDs (not cheap in Finland, at least). This was done in order to be able to scan the cover art for the discography.

2.2 (Jan. 97)

Album artwork added based on all CDs I have.
The rest is pathced up with:

  • Pictures from the " The Wishbone Ash Web Site" and
  • Small b/w pictures taken from the The Illustrated Collector's Guide To WISHBONE ASH

Promo LPs added in the "Other albums with unique material" section because they seem to be requested.
At least the following persons and their information have "pushed me" forward:

  • Tsutomu Kubota from Japan and his copy of "Wishbone Ash special DJ Copy"
  • Jeff Salak with a copy of "Wishbone Ash Live From Memphis"

Practically all information of the Promo LPs is based on
The Illustrated Collector's Guide To WISHBONE ASH.

2.11 (Sep. 96)

A clever idea! Why not help the viewer in finding where the
three latest updates are. That's why there's three new signs
in the album lists:

  • stands for an update that's done two updates ago.
  • stands for the next to last update.
  • stands for the most recent update.

These signs are no longer available (version 4 and later).

2.1 (Aug 96)

I've decided to call this version 2.1 as all the personal views
of the official albums are finally written!

2.0 (Apr 96)

All new layout for the discography using frame-technique!
New features (partly unfinished):

  • I've included some personal opinions of the official LP's and songs. At the moment it's ready for only a few albums (but growing steadily).
  • The discography has no album pictures at the moment but they'll be added in later revisions.
  • No bootlegs or promo albums included.

Reminds me of Microsoft:
"The version version at hand is never 'perfect'."

1.4 (Mar 96)

Still no time for version 2, but I was compelled to add the new "Wishbone Ash Live At The BBC" CD and the forthcoming 25th anniversary CD "Live in Geneva". Thanks to Tsutomu Kubota

To keep the file reasonably "big" I've minimized the comments sections. They'll be back in version 2.


  • Goodbye to the counter!
    It seldom worked and slowed everything down (unpractical calling the counter all the way from Netherlands).
  • I've added the "official archive bootleg -albums" to the album list.
    They're published by Dr. John of USASH and the proceeds go to further Wishbone Ash cause, not the bootleggers!
  • This file is becoming too large to edit and download.
    When my work permits some more fun, I'll edit a version 2 where the discography is split into smaller files making editing and downloading easier.
  • The new wallpaper is a "preview" of version 2.


  • Added the two albums I'd missed and Mike Davis informed about.
  • Some additions made after contacts with "The Wishbone Ash Web Site" and USASH Fan Club.
  • A counter was added to get a picture of "hits" on the page.


  • Small corrections caused by some new records in my collection.

1.0 (Jul. 94)

  • First list based totally on my own record collection. The discography is in "all data in one file" -format



I'd be thankful for all corrections and additions to this site. Just send a message using the Feedback page!


Written by: Rainer Frilund - Last update: Jan, 2010