Beta Version of Forthcoming Version 7.0

In future, this page presents the latest updates etc. Now it has some "how to" information, that's also available in the "About" menu.

Please do not bookmark this page. When version 7 is officially published, it replaces the previous version. As long as version 7 is unfinished, the current version includes a link to this beta version.

For commenting this beta version (or anything), use the Feedback page.

How to...

The carousel above presents (most of) the official albums. Click on any of the cover art thumbnails to see more information of that particular album.
When you move your mouse to/from the carousel area, the carousel stops for a while so you're able to "pick" an item.

To see more detailed information of Wishbone Ash related releases, click on the buttons above the carousel.

For information on recent (and older) updates to this site, click on Updates menu below the carousel.

"Home" and "LPs / CDs" are the only "buttons" that have some functionality in this beta version. Test "Home" and "LPs / CDs" to get an overview of what is planned.
















Written by: Rainer Frilund - Last update: Jan, 2010