This is Wishbone Ash - A Rockumentary DVD - Info


Released as...


1. Arrival Normandy    
2. Exploring the Reason    
3. Right or Wrong    
4. Searching for Satellites    
5. Driving a Wedge    

A fly on the wall rockumentary of Wisbone Ash working on a (then) forthcoming album and rehearsing some old songs for (then) forthcoming gigs.
Directed by Christian Guyonnet.
Running time approx: 64 min.

The following full songs are played and are also available as wav files on the DVD:
    Right or Wrong
    Driving a Wedge
    Blind Eye
    Growing Up
    Reason to Believe

Band members:
    Andy Powell, Guitars, lead vocals
    Muddy Manninen, Guitars, vocals
    Bob Skeat: Bass, vocals
    Joe Crabtree: Drums


Written by: Rainer Frilund - Last update: Nov, 2012