Now+Then DVD - Tracks

A 2 DVD box with both old and (relatively) new stuff. This release from 2008, but everything's been previously available in one form or another.

According to track lists on the cover and the printings on the DVD's, the first DVD contains the "Then" stuff and the second DVD the "Now" stuff.
This however is not true. The following track lists are as they actually are on the DVDs.



(So far) the most complete London 2003 gig on DVD. Phoenix was missing from the Almighty Blues DVD from year 2003.

Track   Originally on
Almighty Blues   Almighty Blues DVD, 2003
Warrior   Almighty Blues DVD, 2003
Underground   Almighty Blues DVD, 2003
Standing in the Rain   Almighty Blues DVD, 2003
Faith, Hope & Love   Almighty Blues DVD, 2003
Changing Tracks   Almighty Blues DVD, 2003
On Your Own   Almighty Blues DVD, 2003
Throw Down the Sword   Almighty Blues DVD, 2003
Come Rain, Come Shine   Almighty Blues DVD, 2003
Phoenix   Guitar Legends - V/A DVD, 2003
Ancient Remedy   Almighty Blues DVD, 2003
Time Was   Almighty Blues DVD, 2003
Jail Bait   Almighty Blues DVD, 2003

Filmed in London, Liverpool in Spring 2003 and Arrow Classic Rock Festival 27-Jun-2003, Holland.

ANDY POWELL: Guitars, vocals
BEN GRANFELT: Guitars, vocals
BOB SKEAT: Bass, vocals

Note that the tracks may have also been available on other releases, but the "Originally on" info tells the first release.




Yet another rehash of "Phoenix Rising" DVD mixed with "1989 Bristol" tracks. See items:
  - Live in Bristol 1989 Video and Laser Disc, 1990 (and later DVD releases)
  - Phoenix Rising - Inside Wishbone Ash DVD, 2004
  - The Live Broadcasts DVD, 2006
  - Transmissions CD, 2008

The back side of the DVD says: "Classic performances by the original Wishbone Ash line-up".
This time it's true (compared to Live Broadcasts DVD which contained several tracks from the London 2003 gig).

Track Source
Blowin' Free USA 1973
Blind Eye & Lady Whiskey Bristol 1989 (Medley excerpt)
Real Guitars Have Wings Bristol 1989
Vas Dis BBC 1971
Jail Bait BBC 1971
Sometime World Bristol 1989 (Medley excerpt)
Blowin' Free ABC 1972
Cosmic Jazz Bristol 1989
The King Will Come Bristol 1989
Warrior USA 1973
Why Don't We Bristol 1989
Blowin' Free Bristol 1989
"Goodbye Baby Blues"
  True title: Where Were You Tomorrow
USA 1973

Note that there's three different versions of Blowin' Free on this DVD.
Boring or interesting, depending on what you're interested in.


Written by: Rainer Frilund - Last update: Nov, 2008