Live in Hamburg DVD - Tracks

Live recording 23-Jan-2007 from Fabrik in Hamburg.
Cat# of DVD: GCRDVD 03.
Another DVD release, Cat# BHH-DVD-10262. This one informed by Jon Hahn.

Also available as...

Both the 2CD and this DVD contain the full gig. The LP only parts of it.

Song Time Other
Eyes Wide Open    
Healing Ground    
The King Will Come    
The Warrior    
Why Don't We    
Dreams Outta Dust    
The Raven    
Sometime World    
Capture The Moment    
Tales Of The Wise    
Almighty Blues    
Standing In The Rain    
Blind Eye    
Ballad Of The Beacon      
    Hidden track: Blowin' Free    
    Backstage interview    

Andy Powell:
Guitar, Vocals

Muddy Manninen:
Guitar, Vocals

Bob Skeat
Bass, Vocals

Ray Weston:


All info courtesy of Wolfgang Schmidt.



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