Phoenix Rising DVD - Tracks


A collection of historical Wishbone Ash tracks available both as a single DVD (Entitled Phoenix Rising) and a double DVD version (Entitled Inside Wishbone Ash - Phoenix Rising). .

Track Time Other
Disc 1 - "Phoenix Rising"
Contains the following full length tracks:
  Vas Dis (BBC 1971, previously unreleased)
  The King Will Come (London 2003, previously unreleased)
  Blowin' Free (ABC 1972, previously unreleased)
  Phoenix (London 2003, previously released on Guitar Legends - V/A DVD)
  Warrior (USA 1973, previously unreleased)
  Cosmic Jazz (Bristol 1989)
  Living Proof (London 2003)
  Jailbait (BBC 1971, previously unreleased)
  Wings of Desire (London 2003, previously unreleased)
  Why Don't We (Bristol 1989)
  Ballad of the Beacon (London 2003, previously unreleased)
  Real Guitars Have Wings (Bristol 1989)
  Blowin Free (London 2003, previously unreleased)
  Bad Weather Blues (London 2003, previously unreleased)
  Where Were You Tomorrow (USA 1973, previously unreleased)
Disc 2 on the 2 DVD release - "Inside Wishbone Ash"
Contains samples from the following tracks intertwined with comments by "The Critical Team" (see below):
  Blind Eye (Bristol 1989)
  Phoenix (Bristol 1989 & London 2003)
  Jailbait (BBC 1971)
  Vas Dis (BBC 1971)
  Warrior (USA 1973)
  Throw Down the Sword (London 2003)
  Blowin' Free (Bristol 1989 & USA 1973)
  Ballad of the Beacon (London 2003)
  Lady Whiskey (Bristol 1989)
  The King Will Come (Bristol 1989)
  Come in From the Rain (London 2000 [30th Anniversary])
  Persephone (Rockpalast 1976)
  It Started in Heaven (Rockpalast 1976)
  Outward Bound (Rockpalast 1976)
  Lorelei (Rockpalast 1976)
  Come in From the Rain (London 2000 [30th Anniversary])
  You See Red (Still photos from late 70's)
  Living Proof (London 2000 [30th Anniversary] & London 2003)
  Underground (London 2003)
  Open Road (London 1983 [25th anniv. of the Marquee])
  Can't Fight Love (London 1983 [25th anniv. of the Marquee])
  Engine Overheat (London 1983 [25th anniv. of the Marquee])
  People in Motion (??? 1984)
  Real Guitars Have Wings (Bristol 1989)
  Why Don't We (Bristol 1989)
  Cosmic Jazz (Bristol 1989)
  Strange Affair (Japan 1991)
  Standing in the Rain (Japan 1991)
  No Joke (London 2000 [30th Anniversary])
  On Your Own (London 2003)
  Almighty Blues (London 2003)
  Ancient Remedy (London 2003
  Changing Tracks (London 2003)


"The Critical Team" is:
  Rob Gorich,
  Hugh Fielder,
  Malcolm Dome,
  Bob Carruthers,
  Tommy Vance and
  Michael Heatley.



The 2nd DVD "Inside Wishbone Ash" is also sold separately
both as a DVD (PAL CRL 1690 / NTSC CRL 1691) and as a CD (CRL 1692)...

Part of the contents of the first DVD has also been released on further DVDs and CDs as follows:
  - 2006 - The Live Broadcasts - Collector's Rarities DVD
  - 2008 - Transmissions - CD
  - 2011 - Performance - CD
  - 2011 - Classic Airwaves - CD


Written by: Rainer Frilund - Last update: Jul, 2011