Almighty Blues Video DVD - Tracks

Available both in PAL (Oct. 2003) and NTSC format (Dec 2003). A Super Audio CD containing the same songs as the DVD (less Underground) also sold.

Originally released in 2003.
Audio recorded 25-Apr-2003 in Astoria 2, London.
On DVD releases: Video filmed in London & Liverpool in Spring 2003 and Arrow Classic Rock Festival 27-Jun-2003, Holland. (Mainly in London.)

This concert has been released in various formats through the years, using different names.

Video DVDs:

5.1 Music DVD:

Super Audio CD (SACD):

Audio CD:

In 2004, a compilation DVD called Phoenix Rising include all the songs "missing" from the Almighty Blues - London & Beyond Video DVD releases. Thus the whole gig is available on video and audio.


Song Time Other
Almighty Blues    
Standing in the Rain    
Faith, Hope & Love    
Changing Tracks    
On Your Own    
Throw Down the Sword    
Come Rain, Come Shine    
Ancient Remedy    
Time Was    
Jail Bait    
Bonus Tracks on the forthcoming(?) single DVD release: (Colston Hall 1989)
    The King Will Come
    Blowiní Free

According to a brochure entitled Classic Rock Legends, Catalogue, Autumn 2003: "As an added bonus the first 5000 copies come with an extra bonus disc featuring the original Wishbone Ash line up in concert." The bonus disc is the 1989 Bristol concert thatís previously been available as a DVD/CD in a double CD box, as a DVD and a video. So the bonus disc is nothing new to the fan who already has the Bristol Concert in one format or another.

July 2004 update: I've seen a couple of printings of the 2DVD release but still no single DVD version with a couple of bonus tracks. either there's still less than 5000 copies sold or more than 5000 copies of the 2DVD version is made.

ANDY POWELL: Guitars, vocals
BEN GRANFELT: Guitars, vocals
BOB SKEAT: Bass, vocals

Original members Andy Powell, Ted Turner, Martin Turner and Steve Upton appear on the second DVD (bonus tracks).


Written by: Rainer Frilund - Last update: May, 2015