Almighty Blues DVD - Cover Art

Cover art by Lawrence Powell, Samedis Design.

The cover art of the first 5000 copies (double DVDs)
Cat#: CRL 1500 PAL.
[Almighty Blues double DVD cover art 1]
The cover art of later double DVD-copies (in 2004).
This one's a variation on the layout and most of the text
on the back side is in Dutch although it was sold in Finland.
Cat#: 500529.
[Almighty Blues double DVD cover art 2]
The cover art of the 5.1 Music DVD with 18 tracks. Cat#: CRP1627.
[Almighty Blues 5.1 Music DVD cover art]
The cover art supposedly to be used for single DVD releases (not seen in Jul/2004)
[Almighty Blues single DVD cover art]
Single DVD picture source: The Wishbone Ash Web Site.


Written by: Rainer Frilund - Last update: Jul, 2004