MayDay - AshCon99 in Chicago Video - Tracks

Released in 1999.

Song Time Other
Ballad of the Beacon    
Real Guitars Have Wings    
Strange Affair    
    (F*U*B*B)   (Last minute of the tune mixed among interviews)
Throw Down the Sword    
Master of Disguise   Bare Bones version
Wings of Desire   Full length Bare Bones version
Blowin Free    

Additionally, Andy Powell and a number of Wishbone Ash fans talking between tracks (with some excerpts from Trance Visionary and Psychic Terrorism playing in the background).

ANDY POWELL: Guitars, vocals
MARK BIRCH: Guitars, vocals
BOB SKEAT: Bass, backing vocals

Filmed at AshCon99 in Beaumont Club, Chicago USA on 1-May-1999.

A really professional "promo" video with only two "faults": It lasts for only about 35 minutes and most of the songs are cut short.


Written by: Rainer Frilund - Last update: Aug, 1999