Wishbone Ash Live at Mansfield - AshCon97 Video - Tracks

Released in 1999.

Song Time Other
Acoustic Session
Crack of Dawn   Andy and Roger: Acoustic guitars
East Coast Boogie   Andy and Roger: Acoustic guitars
Set 1
Real Guitars Have Wings    
The King Will Come    
Top of the World    
Throw Down the Sword    
Vas Dis    
Sometime World    
Strange Affair    
Set 2
On Your Own    
The Ring    
Leaf and Stream   Tony "out", Martin Turner bass & vocals
Another Time   Tony "in" for vocals, Martin bass
Living Proof   Roger and Tony "out", Martin bass & vocals,
Claire Hamill vocals, Chris Auld guitar
Runaway   Martin bass & vocals, Chris guitar
    Blind Eye
    Lady Whiskey
    Jail Bait
    The Pilgrim
    Blowin' Free
  Roger "in", Martin bass & vocals
Tony "in" for vocals, Martin bass
Tony, Chris, Roger & Andy guitars, Martin bass
Errors of My Way   Tony vocals, Martin bass
Hard Times   Tony "out", Martin bass & vocals

All unmarked songs:
ANDY POWELL: Guitars, vocals
ROGER FILGATE: Guitars, vocals
TONY KISHMAN: Bass, backing vocals

Filmed at Mansfield Leisure Centre, Mansfield UK on 07-Nov-97 (during AshCon97).

Not a professional video, but if you were there, this is an invaluable way to bring back good memories.
Also: if you weren't there, you can at least try to imagine what it would have been like...


Written by: Rainer Frilund - Last update: Dec, 1998