Across the Airwaves - LP - Cover Art

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Coda CPLVNY279, front
[Across the Airwaves cover art 1]
Coda CPLVNY279, back
[Across the Airwaves cover art 2]
[Live to Air cover art]


Text on back side of sleeve:
"This is an independent production. This record is not endorsed by or associated in any way with Wishbone Ash or their management. No copying, publishing, communication to the public, broadcasting or other form of dealing in these sound recordings is permitted. First release 2004 American Icons Ltd. This edition ℗ and © 2017 Coda Publishing Ltd/Stormbird. Produced, Mastered and Manufactured in the Czech Republic."


All info and pictures courtesy of Ben Reinhardt.


Written by: Rainer Frilund - Last update: May, 2016