The Almighty Blues CD - Tracks

Released in 2015.

Originally released in 2003.
Audio recorded 25-Apr-2003 in Astoria 2, London.
On DVD releases: Video filmed in London & Liverpool in Spring 2003 and Arrow Classic Rock Festival 27-Jun-2003, Holland. (Mainly in London.)

This concert has been released in various formats through the years, using different names.

Video DVDs:

5.1 Music DVD:

Super Audio CD (SACD):

Audio CDs:

In 2004, a compilation DVD called Phoenix Rising include all the songs "missing" from the Almighty Blues - London & Beyond Video DVD releases. Thus the whole gig is available on video and audio.


Song Time Other
Almighty Blues    
Throw Down the Sword    
Standing in the Rain    
Faith, Hope & Love    
Changing Tracks    
On Your Own    
Come Rain, Come Shine    
Ancient Remedy    
Time Was    
Jail Bait    

ANDY POWELL: Guitars, vocals
BEN GRANFELT: Guitars, vocals
BOB SKEAT: Bass, vocals



Written by: Rainer Frilund - Last update: May, 2015