Live at Metropolis LP - Tracks

Recorded in directly on vinyl in Metropolis Studios in 16-May-2015.

A small group of guests were in the studio following the recording. An acetate copy was published the same day (won by Peter Webb).

A vinyl copy was available in September 2015 for all guests. All in all 750 copies were pressed. A rarity if there ever was one.


Side A Time Other
The Power 5:30  
Blue Horizon 7:53  
Side B Time Other
Lifeline 6:24  
Open Road 5:49  
Deep Blues 5:40  

Andy Powell: Vocals & Guitars
Muddy Manninen: Guitars
Bob Skeat: Bass & Backing vocals
Joe Crabtree: Drums


All track lengths are approximate. Timed while playing the vinyl.


Written by: Rainer Frilund - Last update: Sep, 2015