Live at Metropolis LP - Comments


A funny detail before the facts:
The spine of the cover says "Flying Elephant" although the LP's Cat# is TELP312, by Talking Elephant.
Somebody may have watched Disney's Dumbo before typing the text on the spine. ;)

A list of people who were GUESTS in the studio.

Detlef Assenmacher
Jo Arouto
Ian Barbour
Stephen Bannister
Julian Belshaw
Neil Brenchley
Tony Brown
Alison Bowman
David Coe
David Clements
John Creese
Jane Creese
Dave Cruickshank
Carol Cruickshank
Lynn Cobbett
Graham Cobbett
Michael Day
Francis Dicerbo
John Foster
Rainer Frilund
Alan Floyd
Fergus Findlay
Steve Goodchild
John Golding
Melanie Hunter
Tony Kenny
Derek (Powers) Lewis
Danny Martin
Grahame Mansell-Grace
Vera Mansell-Grace
Geof Moody
Benny Morthorst
Alan Mordue
Steve Murphy
Jim Nolan
Michael O'Connor
Jane O'Connor
Stephen Prior
Leslie Pocock
Charlie Patton
Yan Patek
Linda Raymond
Diana Roberts
Riggs Regan
Ben Reinhardt
Jim Repper
Mike Rowe
Collete Sanderson
David Salter
Allen Spreadborough
Sue Shannon
Reuben Stanley
Robert Smith
Lee Smith
Peter Shaw
Peter J. Taylor
Trevor Vanderplank
Robbert Van Kranen
David Williamson
Alan Workman
Christine Withers
Dai Ward
Kevin Withers
Peter Webb


Derek (Powers) Lewis, John Foster, David Williamson,
Francis Dicerbo, Donald Millburn, Diana Roberts,
David Salter, David Clements, John Golding,
John Creese, Jane Creese, Michael Day,
Michael O'Connor, Jane O'Connor, Ben Reinhardt,
Rainer Frilund, Grahame Mansell-Grace,
Vera Mansell-Grace, Alan Workman, Stephen Prior,
Peter J, Taylor, Mark White, Elaine White, Dai Ward,
Melanie Hunter, Tony Kenny, Leslie Pocock,
Yan Patek, Allen Spreadborough, Linda Raymond,
Trevor Vanderplank, Kevin and Christine Withers,
Sue Shannon, Riggs Regan, Fergus Findlay,
Alan Mordue, Julian Belshaw, Alison Bowman,
Lynn and Graham Cobbett, Charlie Patton,
Dave Cruickshank, Carol Cruickshank, Ian Barbour,
Reuben Stanley.

Special Thanks to Jamie Crompton, Pauline Powell


Written by: Rainer Frilund - Last update: Sep, 2015