First Lights LP - Tracks

A vinyl release of First Light CD with a couple of bonus tracks. Released in 2013. Vinyl available in several colours: at least black, white, red and blue. First Light CD was originally released in year 2013.

Song Time Other
Queen of Torture 3:06  
Roads of Day to Day 5:47  
Lady Whiskey 3:07  
Joshua 2:10  
Errors of My Way 6:22  
Blind Eye 3:32  
Alone with vocals 3:05  
Handy 12:37  
Where Were You Tomorrow 7:24 1971 studio version.
From Time Was - The Wishbone Ash Collection.
Alone with vocals 5:56 1971 version with vocals.
From Distillation.

Last two tracks were originally recorded during Pilgrimage sessions in 1971. They were not released (as is) on Pilgrimage, but later on released on compilations as indicated above.
All other songs from First Light CD.

Andy Powell - lead guitar, vocals
Ted Turner - lead guitar, vocals
Martin Turner - bass, vocals
Steve Upton - drums


All songs composed by
Andy Powell, Martin Turner, Ted Turner and Steve Upton




Written by: Rainer Frilund - Last update: Dec, 2013