First Lights LP - Comments


Text from the back cover:

This vinyl edition represents the classic Powell/Turner/Turner/Upton line-up at the earliest stage of their career. The April-May 1970 recordings were made in London's Advision Studios to get a record deal, but as the band signed to MCA REcords (with the help of Richie Blackmore) they decided to re-record most of the tracks for their first album. Unfortunately the original and very fragile acetate was lost for the next 30 years. In 2006 an American fan of the band managed to purchase the precious Apple acetate from a Christie's auction and rediscovered recordings (with great sound quality) were finally released as 'First Light' by Talking Elephant. This allowed fans to experiencce the very original versions of live classic tracks from the debut LP as well as two previously unissued songs: 'Roads of Day To Day' and 'Joshua', plus early vocal version of 'Alone'. As a bonus we have added another two rare tracks taped in May 1971 during Pilgrimage LP sessions.

VERNE Record Company Limited
P.O. Box 332
75005 Paris, France

Still not sure whether this one's a legit release or not. Can't find anything about VERNE Record Company in the Internet.
However, Dr. John is on the case...


Written by: Rainer Frilund - Last update: Dec, 2013