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Yet another rehash of "Phoenix Rising" DVD. See also items:
  - 2004 - Phoenix Rising - Inside Wishbone Ash DVD
  - 2006 - Live Broadcasts DVD

Audio CDs of the same source were also published in:
  - 2011 - Performance - CD
  - 2011 - Classic Airwaves - CD
  - 2016 - Live to Air - CD

An LP with partially the same tracks was also published in:
  - 2017 - Across the Airwaves

This is an enhanced CD with audio from the Live Broadcasts DVD, less Where Were You Tomorrow. The additional (enhanced) part includes Quicktime video versions of Vas Dis and Jail Bait (Live at the BBC 1971).

The back side of the CD says: "This is classic Ash by the classic line up".
Not entirely true. See the track list below:

CD Tracks Source
Blowin' Free USA 1973
Blind Eye & Lady Whiskey Bristol 1989 (Medley excerpt)
Phoenix London 2003 (Not the original line up!)
Excerpt, only 7 minutes 40 seconds long!
Vas Dis BBC 1971
Jail Bait BBC 1971
Time Was London 2003 (Not the original line up!)
Sometime World (part 2) & Phoenix (finale) Bristol 1989 (Medley excerpt)
Blowin' Free ABC 1972
The King Will Come Bristol 1989
Warrior USA 1973
Throw Down the Sword London 2003 (Not the original line up!)
Quicktime video files:  
Vas Dis BBC 1971
Jail Bait BBC 1971


The book is a 72 page story by Bob Carruthers. It tells about Bob's youth and comments on main studio albums until year 2001. Very diplomatic, since all historical controversy is left out.


Curiously enough, the back side of the book says that the CD was published in 2005!
No trace of this CD before year 2008 and all web shops mentioning publishing years say "2008".


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