Wishbone Ish - The 35th Anniversary Tribute - Tracks

Released 2005.

A Wishbone Ash tribute album available only through the official web site and the fan club.

Song Time By
Prelude   Bill Baxendale
Errors of My Way   Zizoh
Bona Fide   Michael Rule
The King Will Come   Muddy Manninen
Throw Down the Sword   Grumpy Old Men
Blowin' Free 2005   The Flying Ryan Brothers
Wait Out The Storm   Bob Greaves
Silver Shoes   Back Then
F*U*B*B   Plankton
Lady Whiskey   Zizoh
Enigma   Bill Baxendale
Working with original Ash backtrack
Hard Times   The Geezers
Sing Out The Song   Jef Culhane & Deb Zieman
Outward Bound   Michael Rule
The Pilgrim   Zizoh
Candlelight   Don Warren


What's Unique About This?

The second CD with Wishbone Ash covers.


Written by: Rainer Frilund - Last update: Oct, 2005