Gold Dates - Tracks

Released 2004.

A strange mixture of songs from legal and more suspicious sources.
The sources are:

Written on the CDís leaflet: "Under exclusive licensed from Classic Rock Ltd". Didnít know Classic Rock Ltd has the rights to the bootleg songs. Also: Whoever made the track list for the CDs made a couple of mistakes. See the track list for more info. Makes me wonder...

Song Time Source etc.
CD 1
Outward Bound   Liverpool 1976
Warrior   London 2002
Throw Down the Sword   London 2002
Helpless   London 1980
Runaway   Liverpool 1976
Looking for Clues   Real title: Living Proof :-D
London 2002
Almighty Blues   London 2002
Changing Tracks   London 2002
Phoenix   London 2002
CD 2
Real Guitars Have Wings   Bristol 1989
The King Will Come   Bristol 1989
Cosmic Jazz   Bristol 1989
Keeper of the Light   Bristol 1989
Why Donít We   Bristol 1989
Ancient Remedy   London 2002
Persephone   Wrong track! Actually: Warrior
Liverpool 1976
Jail Bait   London 2002
Blowiní Free   Bristol 1989
Time Was   Liverpool 1976
Bad Weather Blues   Liverpool 1976

ANDY POWELL: Guitars, vocals on all tracks
LAURIE WISEFIELD: Guitars, vocals on Liverpool 1976 and London 1980
TED TURNER: Guitars, vocals on Bristol 1989
BEN GRANFELT: Guitars, vocals on London 2002

MARTIN TURNER: Bass, vocals on all except London 2002
BOB SKEAT: Bass, vocals on London 2002

STEVE UPTON: Drums on all except London 2002
RAY WESTON: Drums on London 2002

What's Unique About This?

At the moment (Jul/2004) this is one of the few places where you can hear "Phoenix" as played on year 2002 in London. It was omitted from the "Almighty Blues" DVD containing songs from the 2002 London gig.

Some other source where "Phoenix" from London 2002 can be heard (and seen) is:
- "Guitar Legends" a various artist DVD by Classic Rock Productions.
- "Phoenix Rising" both on the 2 DVD and the 1 DVD releases by Classic Rock Productions in year 2004.


Written by: Rainer Frilund - Last update: Feb, 2007