Y2WA - The Wishbone Ash Tribute Album - Tracks

Released 2000.

A limited edition Wishbone Ash tribute album that was available only through the official web site and the fan club.

Song Time By
The King Will Come   Bill Baxendale
Sometime World   Ben Granfelt Band
Mountainside   Moonstone
When You Know Love   Electrostatic
Leaf and Stream   Breathlanes
Blind Eye   G.org.
Lady Jay   Pete Popert
F*U*B*B   Bill Baxendale
Runaway   Moonstone
Persephone   Paul Boydell
Real Guitars Have Wings   Tush


What's Unique About This?

The first CD with Wishbone Ash covers. See also "Wisbone Ish" of year 2005.


Written by: Rainer Frilund - Last update: Feb, 2007