The King Will Come-Live - Tracks

Released 1999.

See also Time Was... The Live Anthology from year 2004.
It's a double CD containing the following CDs with unique material:
Live Timeline and The King Will Come - Live (originally
from 1999).

Some bootlegs and pirate copies also have this same title.
Check similarly titled Bootleg Record from year 1993.
Also check similarly titled Pirate copy of "Live in Chicago"
also from year 1993.

Song Time Other
Rest in Peace 6:45  
The King Will Come 6:26  
Trust in You 5:16  
Persephone 7:48  
Moonshine 3:33  
Half Past Lovin' 7:17  
Rock 'n Roll Widow 5:35  
Time Was 7:20  
Ballad of the Beacon 2:46 *
The Warrior 6:07  
Throw Down The Sword 6:05  
Blowin' Free 5:32  
Doctor 6:06  

* Ballad of the Beacon fades out in mid song.

Sources (according to the CD's liner notes):
Tracks 1-8, 1976 Live in Davenport, USA (No such gig according to the Collector's Guide...)
Tracks 9-13, 1973 Live in Canada.

Quoting Wolfgang Schmidt:
"Suppose tracks 1-8 recorded on March 6, 1976 at Schreveport, Lousiana.
Tracks 9-13 Toronto March 29, 1973 or Ottawa, March 30, 1973?"

Line up: Andy Powell, Laurie Wisefield (tracks 1-8), Ted Turner (tracks 9-13),
Martin Turner and Steve Upton.
Graham Maitland (ex-Glencoe), keyboards on tracks 1 to 8.


What's Unique About This?

Rare live recordings from Ted and Laurie eras.
This is the only CD where Graham Maitland's keyboards can be heard
playing together with Wishbone Ash. The thing that's extra unique is the "Non-Ted" version of Rock 'n Roll Widow.


Written by: Rainer Frilund - Last update: Feb, 2007