Live - Timeline - Tracks

Released 1997.

See also Time Was... The Live Anthology from year 2004.
It's a double CD containing the following CDs with unique material:
Live Timeline and The King Will Come - Live (originally
from 1999).

Song (Title as printed on the leaflet) Time Other
Lost Cause In Paradise 4:58  
Standing In The Rain 6:11  
This Strange Affair 5:00  
The King Will Come 6:50  
Throw Down The Sword 5:57  
In The Skin 6:19  
Why Don't We 8:15  
Wings Of Desire 4:18  
Time Was (The first passage) 2:30  
The Living Proof 5:59  
Blowin' Free 9:17  
Vas Dis 4:17 +
Where Were You Tomorrow 5:45 +

Recorded live in The Bottomline Club, Nagoya Japan 23-May-1991.
Line up: Andy Powell, Ted Turner, Martin Turner and Ray Weston.

Actual playing order:
Strange Affair, The King Will Come, In the Skin, Why Don't We,
Lost Cause in Paradise, Throw Down the Sword, Wings of Desire, Time Was,
Living Proof, Standing in the Rain, Blowin' Free.
Encore: Hard Times, Jail Bait.

Two last songs (marked with a "+") from BBC session 26-Nov-70.
Line up: Andy Powell, Ted Turner, Martin Turner and Steve Upton.

(Phoenix was also played during the 1970 session, but not included on this CD)
All details courtesy of Dr. John/USASH.


What's Unique About This?

Rare live recording from the reunion era + a couple even more rare BBC recordings.


Written by: Rainer Frilund - Last update: Aug, 2004