Distillation - Tracks

A four CD box released in 1997.

Song Comment
Disc One,
Original studio versions (Argus tracks remixed by M.Turner).
Blind Eye from Wishbone Ash
Lady Whiskey from Wishbone Ash
Phoenix from Wishbone Ash
Jail Bait from Pilgrimage
The Pilgrim from Pilgrimage
The King Will Come from Argus
Leaf and Stream from Argus
Warrior from Argus
Throw Down the Sword from Argus
No Easy Road from Wishbone Four
Ballad of the Beacon from Wishbone Four
Sorrel from Wishbone Four
Persephone from There's the Rub
Disc Two,
Original studio versions.
Lady Jay from There's the Rub
F*U*B*B from There's the Rub
Say Goodbye from Locked In
You Rescue Me from New England
Prelude from New England
Candlelight from New England
Front Page News from Front Page News
Goodbye Baby Hello Friend from Front Page News
Surface to Air from Front Page News
You See Red from No Smoke Without Fire
Ships in the Sky from No Smoke Without Fire
Living Proof from Just Testing
Lifeline from Just Testing
Underground from Number the Brave
Genevieve from Twin Barrels Burning
Clousseau from Nouveau Calls
Disc Three,
Witness to Wonder from Here to Hear
Why Don't We from Here to Hear
Strange Affair from Strange Affair
Dream Train Original version on Strange Affair.
This version with Brass
Standing in the Rain Original version on Strange Affair.
This version with Martin on vocals.
Alone Originally on Pilgrimage (actually an edited version).
This is the full length version.
Time and Space Unreleased studio recording from No Smoke sessions.
Come On MCA Single
Fast Johnny MCA Single
She's Still Alive Unreleased studio recording from Raw to the Bone sessions.
T-Bone Shuffle IRS Single
Bolan's Monument IRS Single
Duffle Shuffle Unreleased studio recording.
Mountainside Alternative mix.
Crack of Dawn from Illuminations
Disc Four,
Live Rarities.
Outward Bound Live in Edinburgh, Usher Hall, 18-Nov-76
Rest in Peace Live in Glasgow, Apollo, 19-Nov-76
Lorelei Live in Glasgow, Apollo, 19-Nov-76
(No Smoke Free 7" Single )
Come In From the Rain Live in Sheffield City Hall, 18-Oct-77
(No Smoke Free 7" Single )
Bad Weather Blues Live in Sheffield City Hall, 18-Oct-77
(You See Red 12" Single)
Sometime World Live in Glasgow, Apollo, 19-Nov-76
Errors of my Way Live in Bournemouth, Winter Garden, 30-Oct-78
Blowin' Free Live in Newcastle, City Hall, 21-Jan-80
Insomnia Live at Hammersmith Odeon, 2-Feb-80
Helpless Live in Bristol, Colston Hall, 16-Feb-80
The Way of the World Live in Sheffield City Hall, 19-Feb-80
Lookin' for a Reason Live in Wolverhampton, Civic Hall, 4-Jun-80
(Previously unreleased track)

Song list originally courtesy of The Wishbone Ash web site/Chris Brennan


What's Unique About This?

The ultimate Wishbone Ash box. Need I say more.


Written by: Rainer Frilund - Last update: Jul, 2004