Time Was/The Wishbone Ash Collection - Tracks

Double CD box released in 1993.

Song From/Other
Phoenix Wishbone Ash
Blind Eye Wishbone Ash
Errors Of My Way Wishbone Ash
Handy Wishbone Ash
Vas Dis Pilgrimage
Lullaby Pilgrimage
Where Were You Tomorrow *
The Pilgrim +
Blowin' Free #
Time Was
Warrior #
Sometime World #
The King Will Come #
So Many Things To Say Wishbone Four
Ballad Of The Beacon Wishbone Four
Sorrel Wishbone Four
Baby What You Want Me To Do Live Dates
F*U*B*B There's The Rub
Front Page News Front Page News
714 Front Page News
You See Red No Smoke Without Fire
Pay The Price Just Testing
Underground Number The Brave
* = Prev. unreleased studio version from Pilgrimage recording sessions
+ = Originally released on promotion-only EP Live From Memphis
# = Argus/remixed by Martin Turner, London (1989)
= Argus/remixed by Martin Turner, London (Jan.,1993)


What's Unique About This?

When this was written (Jul-2004) Time Was/The Wishbone Ash Collection is still the only place where you can find the studio version of Where Were You Tomorrow.

The Argus remixes by Martin Turner as well as the "Live From Memphis " promo album track were unique until all remastered Argus tracks together with all "Live From Memphis " tracks were finally released as the "Remastered and Revisited" 30th anniversary release of Argus.

When this 2CD was released (1993), tracks from the following albums were "rarities" since back then there weren't any CD releases available. Only old LPs form the 70's:

The situation has changed somewhat since all of these albums have been released on CD (Number the Brave in Japan only).


Written by: Rainer Frilund - Last update: Jul, 2004