Hot Ash - Tracks

A US release comprising of Live Dates Volume 2 tracks, a Live Dates Volume 2 outtake and a rare 45 release.
Note that Live Dates Volume 2 was never released in USA.

Song Time Source
Blowin' Free* 6:17 Live Dates Vol. 2 outtake   (÷)
Living Proof 5:45 Live Dates Vol. 2
Goodbye Baby Hello Friend 5:21 Live Dates Vol. 2 (only on 2LP printings)
Bad Weather Blues** 8:08 45 issue only   (÷)
Doctor 5:00 Live Dates Vol. 2
The Way Of The World 10:05 Live Dates Vol. 2
Helpless 3:38 Live Dates Vol. 2
No Easy Road 6:28 Live Dates Vol. 2 (only on 2LP printings)

All information courtesy of Leon Tsilis, thank you!

Produced by Wishbone Ash,
    * Produced by John Sherry,
   ** Mixed by Derek Lawrence

MARTIN TURNER: Bass guitar & Vocals
ANDY POWELL: Guitar & Vocals


What's Unique About This?

A US LP only release (also released in Canada, Japan, Brasil, Korea and Italy).
Bad Weather Blues can be found as a bonus track on the No Smoke Without Fire CD.
Since neither this LP nor Live Dates Volume 2 has been released on CD, these songs are sought after.
Then there's the almost 3D cover...



(÷) Blowin' Free also on Just Testing CD releases.
Bad Weather Blues also on No Smoke Without Fire CD releases.
Information courtesy of "HeJePi".



Written by: Rainer Frilund - Last update: Dec, 2015