Hot Ash - Cover Art

Art Direction: George Osaki
Art & Design: Norman Moore

US LP MCA 27126
[Hot Ash cover art 1]
Preliminary sketches. Made while planning Hot Ash cover art:
[Hot Ash cover art sketch, 1] [Hot Ash cover art sketch, 2]
Sketch scans courtesy of Leon Tsilis, the webmaster of the The Wishbone Ash Web Site.
A big thank you to him for sending me these pictures.
Details of two US albums exported to Europe:
(West) Germany:
[Hot Ash cover art detail 1]
[Hot Ash cover art detail 2]
Cassette 747 7445
[Hot Ash MC cover art]
Korean blue tone LP 422
[Hot Ash cover art 2, front]
[Hot Ash cover art 2, back]
Possibly a pirate copy.
Pictures of Korean printing courtesy of Han Sang-Hak


Written by: Rainer Frilund - Last update: Nov, 2012