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Song Time Music / Lyrics
Take It Back 6:01 AJ / AJ
Deep Blues 5:28 MM / IH, AP, JC
Strange How Things Come Back Around 6:01 RF / RF
Being One 5:07 MM, JC, TG / IH, JC, TG, AP
Way Down South 6:45 IH, AP / IH, AP
Tally Ho! 4:46 MM / IH
Mary Jane 4:38 MM / IH
American Century 5:07 AJ / AP, JC
Blue Horizon 7:45 MM / IH
All There Is To Say 7:24 PM, WA / AP
Andy Powell - Guitar, Lead vocals
Muddy Manninen - Guitar, Backing vocals
Bob Skeat - Bass, Backing vocals
Joe Crabtree - Drums, percussion, Backing vocals
  AJ = Aynsley Powell
MM = Muddy Manninen
IH = Ian Harris
AP = Andy Powell
JC = Joe Crabtree
RF = Roger Filgate
TG = Tom Greenwood
PM = Pat McManus
WA = Wishbone Ash

Additional Musicians

1. Take it Back
Fiddle - Pat McManus
Guitar solo (outro) - Joe Crabtree

3. Strange How Things Come Back Around
Backing vocals - Lucy Underhill
Percussion - Richard Young

8. American Century
Additional vocals - Lucy Underhill

9. Blue Horizon
Organ - Tom Greenwood

10. All There Is To Say
Fiddle & Bouzouki - Pat McManus


Uncredited, but mentioned on web site.
Lead vocals on Mary Jane: Muddy Manninen.



First source for track list at: Wishbone Ash Forums by Blindfisch in 14-Jan-2014.


Written by: Rainer Frilund - Last update: Nov, 2014