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Song Time *Credits
Side A
Reason To Believe 4:23 AMBJ
Warm Tears 5:02 AMBJ
Heavy Weather 6:40 AMBJ
Can't Go It Alone 5:39 P
Give It Up 5:07 A
Side B
Searching for Satellites 6:04 AMBJ
Man with No Name 4:18 IJ
Mud-slick 4:14 M
Migrant Worker 5:13 AMBJ
Invisible Thread
5:09 AMBJ

*Credits as found on LP's track list:

AMBJ Andy Powell / Jyrki Manninen / Robert Skeat / Joe Crabtree
P Pat McManus
A Andy Powell
IJ Ian Harris / Joe Crabtree
M Jyrki Manninen


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