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Song Time Other
Reason To Believe 4:21  
Warm Tears 5:02  
Man with No Name 4:18  
Can't Go It Alone 5:39  
Give It Up 5:07  
Searching for Satellites 6:02  
Heavy Weather 6:40  
Mud-slick 4:14  
Big Issues 7:42  
Migrant Worker 5:13  
Invisible Thread
    Includes a hidden track after
    approx. one minute of silence:
    Reason to Believe - Remix by Al Carson
    Total Time: 11:34

Andy Powell - Lead vocals, guitars, backing vocals
Muddy Manninen - Guitars, Hammond Organ, backing vocals
Bob Skeat - Bass and backing vocals
Joe Crabtree - Drums and percussion

Tom Greenwood:
Heavy Weather: co-write, keyboards, horn arrangements
Give it Up: backing vocal arrangement
Searching for Satellites: backing vocal arrangement
Migrant Worker: Organ, backing vocals
Warm Tears: Organ

All songs written by Wishbone Ash, except
"Give it Up" by Andy Powell,
"Mud-slick" by Muddy Manninen and
"Can't Go it Alone" by Pat McManus.

Lyrics by Andy Powell and Ian Harris with contributions from Bob, Joe, Muddy, Tom and Pauline Powell.

Detailed lyric writer information from the lyrics booklet:
Reason To Believe Ian Harris with Bob Skeat
Warm Tears Andy Powell
Man with No Name Ian Harris with Joe Crabtree
Can't Go It Alone Pat Mc Manus
Give It Up Andy Powell
Searching for Satellites Ian Harris with Andy Powell
Heavy Weather Andy Powell with Tom Greenwood and Pauline Powell
Mud-slick None, (instrumental)
Big Issues Ian Harris with Andy Powell
Migrant Worker Andy Powell
Invisible Thread Andy Powell


Additional Musicians

Back-up vocal on Heavy Weather: Lucy Underhill
Trumpet on "Heavy Weather": Brian Hallermann
Gospel Choir (on "Give it Up" and "Searching for Satellites"):
Nanyana Summer, JJBoogie Reichert, Tasha Larae, Nia Reed, Darren Elam, Byron Word
Recorded by: JJBoogie Reichert

Hammond B3 organ on "Mud-slick":
Don Airey (Deep Purple / Ozzy Osbourne / Black Sabbath)

Fiddle on "Can't Go it Alone":
Pat McManus (Mamas Boys / Celtus / Pat McManus Band)


First source for track list and guest artist info: www.wishboneash.com blog update 26-Oct-2011.


Written by: Rainer Frilund - Last update: Nov, 2014