Elegant Stealth - Credits


As found on 2011 CD release:


Produced by: Andy Powell
Additional production: Tom Greenwood
Recording and mix by: Tom Greenwood except for "Reason to Believe" and "Man with No Name" - recorded, produced and mixed by Stephan Ernst of Separate Sound Studios, Nuremburg, Germany.

Muddy Manninen's overdubs recorded in Finland by Olli Kykkänen at Soundstation Studios, Porvoo and Tomi Malm at Transmix Studios, Helsinki.

All songs recorded at Cross Stix Studios, Lans. UK on Neve genesys (www.ams-neve.com) by Tom Greenwood except for "Reason to Believe" and "Man with No Name" which were recorded by Stephan Ernst also at Cross Stix. Both of these recordings were mixed at Separate Sounds Studios in Nuremburg, Germany. Additional mixing on "Reason to Believe" by Christoph Beyerlein.

Mastered by John Greenham.

Artwork by www.SharkSuit.co.uk

Band Photography: Alan Fretten

Very special thanks to our crew: Daniel Vetter, Holger Brandes, Harry Callow and Simon Atkinson.

Mentors: Bassy Riddington and Malcolm Holmes, Guy & Sue Roberts, and webmaster Leon Tsilis

Booking Agents

ASS Concerts and Promotion, Michael Bisping, Dieter Schubert, Patrik Mertens, Mick Köppe, Suse Maentel, Sandra Wienberg, Florence Müller, Nele Gerdes.

Döm Bérard DB Productions

Andy and Sarah Nye for Andy Nye Music

Oz Talent: Steve Ozark

Billy James of Glass Onyon PR (USA), Kate Goldsmith (USA), Lee and Andy at Bright Things PR (UK).

Andy Powell would like to thank his family, Barry Riddington, Steve Koontz, Dr. John, Pat Hyre, John Ford, Atsuko Wolcott, Christian Guyonnet, Michel Sady, Serge Lechevalier, Professor Dr. Bodo Kirf, Mark and Ann Crabtree, Mike and Alex at Analogman, Chip Peters, Dennis Martuaro, Jon Case for Case Guitars, Andres Kloppmann for Guitar pick-ups from Kloppmann Electrics, Kevin & Lyn Chilcott at Royale Guitars, Hugh Gilmartin at D'Addario Strings, Ingo Renner at Duesenberg Guitars, Rob Livesy and Danny Handley for the amp loans.

Muddy Manninen would like to thank his family, Mirko Ekberg at Gibson Guitars, Ingo Renner at Duesenberg Guitars, Andreas Kloppmann, Mark Abrahams at Vision Guitars, Sam Vilo, Chip and Dennis, Ben Granfelt and Engl Amps.

Bob Skeat would like to thank his family and loved ones, Gareth at Hartke (Korg UK), Barry at The Bass Centre, Alex at The Bass Gallery and Musicman Basses.

Joe Crabtree would like to thank his family, Harry Hindle, Mike Sturgis, Bob Armstrong, Brandon Klayman, Robert Hetherington, Rachel, Sarah and Tina at Zildjian cymbals, Paul and Thomas at Sonor drums, Dil and Tim at Porter & Davies.



Written by: Rainer Frilund - Last update: Mar, 2012