The Power of Eternity - Credits


Produced by Andy Powell.

Basic tracks recorded at The Sound Factory in Lohja, Finland.
Engineers Kimmo Lehtiö and Miri Miettinen.

Andy Powell's vocals and additional lead guitar overdubs recorded at Blue Jay Studios, Carlisle MA, USA.

Backing Vocal overdubs on Growing Up and The Power recorded in London, England by Pete Jupp.

Muddy Manninen's additional guitar overdubs recorded in Helsinki by Tom Malm.

CD engineered and mixed at Blue Jay Studios by Giles Christenson with additional engineering by James Zaner.

Mastered by M.

All songs published by Kassner Music Publishing Ltd.

Thanks to Ray Weston for drums on Your Indulgence and
Miri Miettinen for percussion throughout
Dow Brain - Hammond B3 organ on Your Indulgence and Hope Springs Eternal
recorded by Brad Young at Underground Productions.
Aynsley Powell - rhythm guitar on Disappearing
Alan Fretten - Photography
Ian Harris CD cover painting
Malcolm Holmes - Design & layout


Special thanks to
All our families for their support and indulgence.
Guy Roberts for guarding the flame and making all things possible.
Leon Tsilis for motivation and encouragement and most importantly
maintaining our very excellent website. Our loyal, resourceful and tireless
road crew: Daniel Vetter (front of house sound), Chris Boast, Guy Holt
our dedicated booking agents Andy Nye assisted by Sara Auerbach,
Patrik Mertens assisted by Phillip Jacobs, Steve Ozark, Döm Bérard
Maurice Suissa, Rudolph Heiniss assisted by Gabriel Bruins, Sam Vilo,
Ben Granfelt, Dr. John (archivist supreme), Geert Meyer at THC
Amplification, Kevin and Lynn Chilcott, Bodo Kirf for his friendship and
support, Christian Guyonnet (French "fanager") , Dave Moore, Fred and
Andrea Renz for their hospitality during recording.

Andy Powell - Angel Guitars, D'Addario guitar strings
Bob Skeat - Lakland Basses and Gallien - Krueger Amplifications
Muddy Manninen - Gibson Finland (Peter and Mirko)
Joe Crabtree - Sonor drums, Zildjian cymbals



Written by: Rainer Frilund - Last update: Oct, 2007