Live in Hamburg 2CD - Tracks

Live recording 23-Jan-2007 from Fabrik in Hamburg.
By ZYX Music, Cat#: GCR 20012-2.

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Both the DVD and this 2CD contain the full gig. The LP only parts of it.

Song Time Other
CD 1
Eyes Wide Open 5:43  
Healing Ground 5:06  
The King Will Come 8:18  
The Warrior 5:46  
Why Don't We 9:02  
Dreams Outta Dust 4:56  
The Raven 6:27  
Sometime World 8:39  
Valediction 6:15  
Sorrel 4:05  
Capture The Moment 3:33  
CD 2
Tales Of The Wise 10:29  
Almighty Blues 8:23  
Standing In The Rain 8:09  
Phoenix 19:09  
Blind Eye 4:15  
Ballad Of The Beacon 4:37  
Blowin' Free 12:02  

Andy Powell:
Guitar, Vocals

Muddy Manninen:
Guitar, Vocals

Bob Skeat
Bass, Vocals

Ray Weston:


All info courtesy of Wolfgang Schmidt.



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