First Light - Credits


Recorded at Advision studios 1970

Special thanks to to Dr. John of US Ash, the American
fan club, for discovering and sharing these rare
recordings with us all, after their disappearance for
more than 35 years.
Mastered by M at M

Special thanks to Miles Copeland

Thanks also go to
Leon Tsilis, Guy Roberts, Gary Carter,
Barry Riddington and Malcolm Holmes for their
continued support and help
with this project

Martin Turner Management:-
Martin Darwill, qedg management

Photos supplied by
Andy Powell

Digipack Cover/Back
by Richard Powell
Booklet by Malcolm Holmes

Our thanks go out to
Andy Powell, Martin Turner,
Ted Turner and Steve Upton
for allowing us to hear
First Light, the earliest
known surviving recording
of Wishbone Ash.


Written by: Rainer Frilund - Last update: Apr, 2007