First Light - Cover Art

UK printing cover art by Richard Powell.

Japanese printing:
Cover X Ray Photography by Ishihara Clinic. Cover Designed by Satoshi Nakamura.

Front cover Back cover
[First Light cover art, front] [First Light cover art, back]
Front cover Back cover of jewel box
[First Light, JPN cover art, front] [First Light, JPN cover art, back]



First Light - Original Artwork Concept

This album originally had artwork designed for it for "fan use" very different from the official release. How that artwork came to be relates back to the original history of this recording, and how it was discovered and brought to "first light" for the fans by Dr. John.

Dr. John obtained the original vinyl acetate record of this recording and contacted the band to see if it could be made into an official release. He also shared news of his discovery with several friends and ash fanatics, including Jon Hahn.

Jon H. hoped that if the official project was denied, perhaps the recording could still be spread around unofficially for the fans to hear, through fan based sharing groups like the Living_Proof group on Yahoo. For those unaware, the goal of Living_Proof is that rare non-commerically released Ash recordings like this, and any live Ash recordings made by the fans, be shared for free amongst as many fans as possible, in the hopes of preserving and archiving the Ash legacy, and creating a new fanbase addicted to the wonders of tasteful twin guitar playing!

So Jon created his own personal artwork for the CD, taking inspiration from the fact that the recordings were done originally from a studio in the Apple records family, and that most of the songs were later rerecorded for the first Ash album. For the front cover he took the iconic burning wishbone symbol from the artwork of the first album, and merged that with the old logo for Apple records. For the back cover, he took the inner label from an old Apple records release, and replaced the track information with titles for the songs that Dr. John had from the original acetate (note: Dr. John also had added some old live tracks to this version).

This original artwork made by Jon was not in any way intended to be used for commercial purposes, and looked like this:

[First Light cover art - preliminary V1, front]
Front cover

[First Light cover art - preliminary V1, back]
Back cover

Meanwhile Dr. John was in the process of getting the LP acetate mastered professionally by a recording studio for presentation to the band and decided that he wanted artwork to go with it. He did not know that Jon H. had already designed anything for himself, but knew that Jon does make a hobby out of designing CD art so he asked him if he could do something and passed along some ideas that he had for that purpose.

So Jon H. showed Dr. John what he already had done, and together from there some modifications were made. For example, Dr.John wanted an all black background for the front cover image along with a foldout inside page where artwork notes could be added. Also Dr. John gave Jon H. a scan of the inner label of the actual LP acetate, which Jon then used for the back cover image, adding on the actual album tracks. Then this artwork was made:

[First Light cover art - preliminary V2, front]
Front cover

[First Light cover art - preliminary V2, back]
Back cover

Jon H. at no time thought that the use of the copyrighted Apple logo could ever be used in an official release, but at the same time would have been very pleased if it could! He even suggested that if the concept itself of the burning wishbone + an apple was liked by the band perhaps someone more artistically inclined could either draw something like that or even take a photograph - thus not violating any copyrights.

But for various reasons, the band went with other album ideas, and the official title, and artwork, for "First Light" was born.


All First Light original artwork concept info, including pictures, courtesy of Jon Hahn.



Encoded by: Rainer Frilund - Last update: Nov, 2007