Bona Fide - Tracks

Sold in April 2002 via the fan club and where the band was playing during the 2002 April tour (UK).
Official release date early May 2002.

Song Time Other
Almighty Blues 5:23 !
Enigma 4:09 *
Faith, Hope and Love 5:53 +
Ancient Remedy 4:48 ¤
Changing Tracks 4:16 #
Shoulda Woulda Coulda 3:59 *
Bona Fide 3:05 @
Difference in Time 4:28 +
Come Rain, Come Shine 6:07
Peace 3:49 @
On 2016 LP release:
First five tracks on LP side A (Almighty Blues to Changing Tracks).
Last five tracks on LP side B (Shoulda Woulda Coulda to Peace).
Bonus tracks on 2006 Special Limited Edition CD:
Hard on You (Studio 2005) 4:45 xx
Almighty Blues (Live 06) 4:09 !
Tales of The Wise (Live 06) 5:53 zz
Additional Tracks on 2014 Deluxe Version's 2nd CD
Faith, Hope And Love (live) 8:51  
Bona Fide (live) 2:56  
Shoulda, Woulda, Coulda (live) 5:25  
Ancient Remedy (live) 4:49  
Almighty Blues (live) 6:10  
Changing Tracks (live) 4:02  
Interview With Andy Powell 16:35  

Andy Powell: Vocals, Guitars
Ben Granfelt: Vocals, Guitars
Bob Skeat: Vocals, Bass, Hammond Organ, Piano, Flute Sample
Ray Weston: Drums, Percussion

Miri Miettinen: Additional Percussion
Richard Johnson: Backing Vocals on "Difference in Time and "Come Rain, Come Shine"
Ako Kiiski: Backing Vocals on "Difference in Time"

! by Ben Granfelt / Ben Granfelt
* by Andy Powell / Andy Powell
+ by Ben Granfelt / Ben Granfelt, Andy Powell
by Andy Powell, Franklin Schwartz / Andy Powell
# by Ben Granfelt, Andy Powell / Andy Powell, Ian Harris
@ by Ben Granfelt
by Ben Granfelt / Andy Powell
xx by Wisefield
zz by Powell / Filgate

Written by: Rainer Frilund - Last update: Mar, 2016